Wednesday, September 21, 2011


ROLLIN!rolled over at 16 weeks {to the day}!

{hot dog}

Evan...with class pet "hot dog" Evan's class has a class pet, a little dog named, Hot Dog {named by the kids of course} and on Tuesday evan got to bring him home. He was BEYOND thrilled yo have him. He came come and pretended to have a snack with him, took him to play with him, { at one point he got out the game SORRY! and played with him...saying things like, " It's your turn Hot Dog." it was pretty sweet. He even slept with him that night and in the morning he zipped him up in his backpack with his head sticking know so he could breathe and all. Off they went Evan and Hot Dog to tell Ms. Walker { his teacher } about their adventures the night before. It was quite sweet. Evan loves with his whole heart...even a little stuffed pup.