Monday, March 30, 2009

something about the arches....

Why do old people LOVE Mcdonalds ice cream so much?

Today the boys and I were running a few quick errands and as we drove by the golden arches I saw an elderly man getting into his Oldsmobile Cutlass {definately defined as an old person car} with two ice cream cones.
It touched my heart as I saw him hand over the cone to his {what I assumed to be} wife. Am I not so sentimental and sweet? :0
I wish I had my camera...WHY oh WHY did I pick TODAY to NOT have my camera with me. {I've been trying to be better about taking a camera with me everywhere, just in case.}
Back to my point...
Have any of y'all noticed the insane amount of elderly {people over 60} who LOVE the golden arches ice cream?
This is just speculation but I think it may have something to do with the price.
I mean don't you ponder on these things each day?

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Oh I know you have all been waiting with bated breath to hear how the new system is going.

First of all is Liam's bum not the cutest little thing? I mean look at that green bum!!! I digress.

Here is the new system:

I'm using g-diapers.

First of all, I bought a starter kit which came with 2 g-pants (cloth) and flush-able inserts for $25. (I also had a $5 coupon and free shipping). It is a good way to start off and see if you even like the system, because if you don't it's not like you wasted tons of moola on it.

The g-pant has a snap-in liner which you place the flush-able in. Now here is where I'm saving the green (while being green)... when at home, I'm using cloth inserts. I found cloth inserts to fit the g-diapers and so when Liam needs a change at home I use the cloth inserts and clean the soiled one right away. No stinky buckets!

For trips outside of the house, I bring the flush-able liners, which are also biodegradable if you throw them away which I do if I'm somewhere and the toilet system looks a bit iffy.

I've signed up to recieve a case of the flush-ables every three months which should be enough for my needs. The cost of the case(128 flushables) where I ordered it from is $48. and free shipping. So roughly, $16.00 a month for my diapering system.

So far, so good. Everything is going on how I planned it. GOLDEN! I've learned how to use the g's so that we have no leaks, and the cloth/flush-able system is working well for me thus far. We are taking a trip next weekend, so I will see how it works while traveling.

Never say Never. How true is that little phrase?

So true for me. I NEVER thought I would do anything but disposables, I didn't think I could commit to anything else and lets face it, I'm just plain lazy a lot of the time.
So, even though I say I will NEVER be pregnant again, I suppose I should never say never...

but NO.

I'm not pregnant.

Sheesh...a little too fresh in my mind still people! I'm not that crazy!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

who me? I'm still the same old g.

So my friend Melody SOMEHOW convinced her husband Chad to do the cloth diaper thing but I was still not convinced. And since she received them last week, it's all the rage. :) Don't get me wrong I don't mind hearing about them but I swore cloth diapers off the moment I caught a glance at a Mom changing one before I had children of my own. It looked complicated and just plain messy. I just want to change the babe and get that nastiness outta there. You know what I'm sayin'? As long as we can afford it I'm NOT into the cloth thing.
Here is the thing, I hate to admit it but cloth diapers have come a LOOONNNGG way. Gone are the pins and wrapping this way and that, soaking diapers in buckets and so on. Sure, there are Moms out there that do that but this Mom can't. Mucho Kudos to those who can, it just isn't in me.
So, Mel whips out her newest baby purchase to show to me and I have to admit I was {pleasantly} surprised.
I went home and spent the next day researching...and we are doing it.
I've ordered a starter kit, and we'll see how it goes. It isn't entirely cloth diapering but it IS way more environmentally friendly and in the end will cost me considerably less that disposables...I'll let you know the brand I chose, my method and how it works after I receive my shipment.

I cannot believe I'm giving this a go. I NEVER thought I would.
Never say Never I guess.

Thinking Green over here.

more to come...

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


ello., originally uploaded by olives on a monday.

the L-man (aka. GIGS)
is over 3 months old.

Monday, March 16, 2009

House Hunters.

Let's talk about HGTV. The home and garden channel(although I'm not sure where the garden part of the channel is) but I want to talk specifically about the show House Hunters.

Although I'm not sure how much I REALLY love that show, because the whole time it is on Justin and I are like, "what is with these people?"

Let me explain:

If you have never seen the show, the host, Suzanne Whang, or a few times hosted by Star Jones (here is where I shutter and barf) starts of the show talking about the person or persons buying a new house. They always have cheesy clips of the couple and the "problems" they have in their current living situation. Usually a family is buying a bigger home because they need more space, but every so often the biggest "problem" is the squeaky refrigerator door. I mean really. A whole new house for that? Ever hear of WD-40?
This is just the first five minutes of the show. We then proceed to go "with" the buyers to visit 3 potential homes (one of which they will buy) and their Realtor...who is almost always overly enthusiastic about being on the show.

As you "visit" these homes with the buyers, these things almost ALWAYS happen within the course of the show.

1. First Impressions.
They walk in the front door and either fall immediately in love or hate with the home. Now I know first impressions are important, but you HAVE to see the whole house before you can really make a decision, right? The thing is often times people hate a room because of the paint.
Ummm...Guess what? Paint costs about $20 a gallon. The only other things you need are; something called a paintbrush and your hands. They even give you a stir stick for FREE! It kills me when people act like a paint color on the walls will make or break their decision. The Realtor almost always says "you can paint it" and they roll their eyes and sigh like they are the absolute laziest people on earth. I mean painting a room isn't my favorite thing to do either, but if it enhances my living space it is worth it.
Maybe you shouldn't own a home then you lazy bum!

2. the Extras.
"Look at that A-MAZE-ING crown molding. It's awesome."
Yeah, crown molding is nice and all but CALM DOWN.

Then they walk into the kitchen and practically start hyperventilating.
"Stainless Steel!!!!!!!!!"
It's like a major let down if there is anything but. I mean I get it, I like stainless steel appliances too, but again, it is not going to make or break my decision in buying a home.

Layout, flow and overall charm is what sells me...not the appliances and crown molding.

3.The Master Bedroom.
Um, how much space do you need for a bed and a dresser?
" I think this will fit our yacht we were planning on putting in here, and our furniture. It's a bit small though."
I mean people expect their master bedroom to be as big as their living room. Still trying to understand that one.
Bedroom for sleepy sleepy people.
Why would you want two living rooms ?
Then, if there is no Master Bath they about DIE.
AND.... if there is a master bath if there is not two sinks how will they cope?
Sheesh people,heaven forbid that you and your significant other need water at the same time? I mean you can't wait 2 minutes while your husband brushes his teeth?
Now two toilets...I could go for.
And why OH why does the husband ALWAYS get in the bathtub to "test" it out?

4. The closet jokes.
"I think this will fit all MY stuff honey...tee-hee-hee."
Seriously? The massive walk-in closet which could potentially be another room will only house your things?
" You can have the guest closet honey."

I mean I feel like I'm watching newlyweds. BLEECH. You know they are still in that puppy love stage making the lamest jokes and the rest of us have to sit there at take it...anyway.
UGH. Enough with the lame closet jokes. It's not even funny. At all.

5. The PARTY!
Ok. So at the end of the show, (after a look at three homes) the buyer(s) decide which home they will buy and then they fast forward to like 4 months after they moved in to check in to see how they have decorated the place and enjoy it.
It CRACKS me up to no end when the homeowners throw a party that is put at the tail end of the show and the people attending are their neighbors (who they clearly do not really know) maybe their parents and their realtor.
Now that is what I call a rockin' party.
All I know is that if I go on House Hunters I'm going to be totally awesome, with my witty comments, hilarious jokes and you can bet I'm going to throw a party and invite like 90 people. Yeah, it will be the best House Hunters.

Monday, March 09, 2009

Here's one for you....

Today in the car Maxwell asks:
"Mommy, how did Liam get out of your tummy?"

Monday, March 02, 2009

“Hi, Billy Mays here!”

Oh you know him.
The Blue shirt, the very distinguished and distinctive beard, and that shout at you approach to promote products guy.
Here are a few of the products Billy has endorsed:
Oxi clean, Orange Glo, Kaboom, Engrave it, Handy Switch, i Can, Fix it, Bloomin' Onion maker, Easy off Bam!, Mighty Mend -It, Mighty Puddy, Mighty Shine, Gem it, Gator Grip, CLR, Lint B-Gone, Hercules Hook, Awesome Auger, Steam Buddy, ZOrbeez, Big City Slider Station, The Ding King, Be Dazzler, Zip wrench, Spacesaver, Steam Buddy, What Odor?...and there are more!

Here is the thing.
Can he really be THAT excited about ALL these products?
Apparently, Billy can.
But Billy better watch out.
There is a new guy on the scene, and he is just as excited as Billy.
If not more.
He goes by the name of Vince Offer.
Sham-wow guy.
Honestly Billy, I think Vince is really a one-hit wonder.
I mean who spends $20 a month on paper towels anyway? And those buggy eyes, yikes!
ShamWow is just a cheap knock-off of the original, Billy endorsed, Zorbeez. Apparently, Vince can't find an original product of his own to sell, therefore reducing him to selling cheap Chinese knock-off's (oh, how could I forget, ShamWow is made in Germany) of Billy's originals.
Watch out though Billy he has some crazy tactics, taking infomercials to new levels. But you are still DA man.
Who da man? You da man!
But Billy remember, you cannot do this forever,
so Vince is standing by to take your order.
I mean job.