Monday, March 30, 2009

something about the arches....

Why do old people LOVE Mcdonalds ice cream so much?

Today the boys and I were running a few quick errands and as we drove by the golden arches I saw an elderly man getting into his Oldsmobile Cutlass {definately defined as an old person car} with two ice cream cones.
It touched my heart as I saw him hand over the cone to his {what I assumed to be} wife. Am I not so sentimental and sweet? :0
I wish I had my camera...WHY oh WHY did I pick TODAY to NOT have my camera with me. {I've been trying to be better about taking a camera with me everywhere, just in case.}
Back to my point...
Have any of y'all noticed the insane amount of elderly {people over 60} who LOVE the golden arches ice cream?
This is just speculation but I think it may have something to do with the price.
I mean don't you ponder on these things each day?


Kim said...

I might have a huge thing for Mccy D's Ice Cream....I'll totally be one of those old people you are talking about.

Unless of course Obama decides to run the fast food industry too - then there might not be a McDonald's by the time Im 60:(

Jane said...

It's cheaper than most, I think.
'This' old lady prefers Dairy Queen.

Katie said...

This young girl prefers McDonalds over Culver! It is light, creamy and just plain wonderful! Plus on a college student budget it makes for a great treat!
(I realize it might be a sin to say that since I am from Wisconsin, but it is true)

Anonymous said...

I'm totally with you on this post! McD's is a magnet for the elderly! They flock to this place as if the "McD's" stood for McDiscount for the Elderly!!
Go in there any morning, and you'd swear the AARP had just announced they were holding a meeting at McDonalds!
There's so many old people at McDonalds, the booths smell like mothballs!
There's so many old people at McDonalds, that the front door says "Shirt, shoes, and cane required."
There's so many old people at McDonalds, that they're thinking about replacing the playgrounds with Bingo competitions!
There's so many old people at McDonalds, that they're adding denture cleaning solution to the menu!
There's so many old people at McDonalds, that they're stretching all the parking spots to accommodate all the 1977 Oldsmobile Cutlasses and Cadillacs!
There's so many old people at McDonalds, that they're thinking about cutting out the middle man, and just putting a McDonalds IN the nursing homes!
McDonalds has so many old people that the 2010 Menu will have a new category of "soft food for those who don't have any teeth left"

And finally...

McDonalds has so many old people, that the slogans on the new happy meals will be replaced wtih "Happy to still be alive" meals!!

Thank you.
-Josh Lloyd

anne said...

You are FUNNY J.L...F.U.N.N.Y.

Brian Weidner said...

Heidi and I went to McDonalds on Thursday. I thought of this blog post and told Heidi about it. Most of the folks in this location were young...but we were also in Wisconsin Dells.