Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas!

"Glory to God in the highest and on earth peace among those with whom he is pleased!" Luke 2:14
Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

2 weeks.

It has been only two short weeks since you entered our world, but I couldn't imagine life without you. Your Daddy and I agree you have been our easiest baby. I'm especially thankful since Daddy isn't able to be around as much as he was with your older brothers as he has a real job now and was still in school when they were newborns.

You have been so wonderful at night so far. You are up usually around 3 or 4 am, but you nurse and go right back to sleep. Then you are usually up around 6am, nurse and sleep until 8 or 9. It is WONDERFUL. I couldn't be more pleased with how easy you have been. I remember your brother Maxwell loved keeping us up at night, he slept in the swing most nights because he had to be moving at all times. You wake up, give a little squawk to let us know you are awake and I get you and nurse you, and you are as happy as can be...and that pleases me so!

Your brothers are SO in love with you. They love checking you out and helping me out when you need something. Your oldest brother Maxwell absolutely loves when you are awake and he will come lay by you and talk to you...and you listen so intently.

Your awake times are increasing and so are your smiles. It melts my heart to see you smile, and you are so wide eyed and alert as you listen to your brothers goof off and wrestle. I know you cannot wait to join them.
I am so thankful to God that he has given me such a handsome, healthy baby.
I love you my little monkey.
So much.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

For Grandpa.

My Dad used to (well come to think of it, he still does) call me this shirt was a Dad is also a Doctor. Perfect!

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

one week... and lovin' my little monkey.

I have to admit...I have been REALLY bad about taking pictures. Not that I have my hands full or anything, but the few I have taken aren't really that great and so there will be more. Hopefully. This one is one of the decent ones I have of him awake.

This is on our way home from the hospital. He was so cute with his droopy cheeks and the hat...sigh. I love baby hats. Did anyone else notice his ADORABLE knit CHRISTMAS hat from the hospital. The nurses told me that women from a local nursing home volunteer to make them. I loved his hat.

Yes, he owns baby leg warmers and Justin makes fun of them...I'm sure most people think they are ridiculous, and he will be embarresed to see this picture when he is older. I love them and I think they are adorable and keep his little legs warm. SO there.

What happened.
Tuesday morning I went to appointment and was checked. 3 cm...more than I had been with the first two boys, so I was happy with that. I had my membranes stripped again, and my mid-wife (who was AWESOME) was doing all she could to try and get me to go into labor. They told me to go home walk around and try and get labor going and come back.

I went back around 11:30 and was dilated 3 cm still, but they decided to put me on a monitor to see how consistent my contractions were. I sat for about 20 minutes and had regular contractions, but they were pretty tame. They decided to send me to the hospital anyway.
The hospital is literally across the street from the office so I drove over, called Justin, and Chad & Mel (who had Max & Evan) and was admitted and again put on a monitor.

Justin soon showed up and around 2pm my mid-wife arrived and checked me, dilated to 4, but they decided to start pitocin. Slowly but surely they began to up the anty on the pitocin dosage. By 4pm things were starting to get bad, and by 6 things were really bad. I got an epidural shortly after 6.

Just before 9:00 I was finally dilated to 10cm and ready to push. Contractions were still strong as I was on some serious pitocin but finally at 10:08 PM Liam was born. His cord was around his neck so she actually had to push him back in a few times (that was lovely).
He was beautiful, and huge. They whisked him away and then came back with him telling me they were taking him to monitor him for a bit as he had some fluid in his lungs and was raspy. Of course the WHOLE time he was gone I was on edge and full of energy awaiting his arrival back to us.

Around midnight he was back in my arms, as sweet as could be.

So, about 8 hours of labor, one hour pushing and he was here! I told the nurse afterwards if all my labor and deliveries were like that I would be happy to do them.

She looked at me like I was nuts.( random side rant: l & d nurses rock! I've always had great ones, and my nurse rachel stayed 2 hours over her shift ended to see me through...what a gal! She was so good to me.)

Let me remind you also I was in over 36 hours with Maxwell and about 18 with Evan. I actually didn't miss a full nights rest because of labor.

I did have HIGH doses of pitocin with all three...I don't recommend that, although it helped me to get things going...but it makes things hard...and contractions KILL. I DO recommend the epidural. HIGHLY...yeah, yeah it'd be all sweet and nice to go all natural, but you know what when you have that much pitocin running through you it is NOT pretty. I think I have a pretty high pain tolerance, but sheesh that stuff is powerful.

The first week has been full and tiresome, but also amazing. Maxwell and Evan have been doing wonderfully with Liam. They are thrilled to have him around. Evan was a little jealous for my attention the first few days but he is loving being a big brother. Maxwell has been amazingly helpful and is always very attentive to his baby brother.
Of course my Mom has been here to help out, so that has been such a blessing. She is leaving tomorrow so the real fun begins Thursday.
Liam is sweet. So far he has been an AMAZING baby. He is sleeping four hour stretches and night, and when he is up he is not fussy or crying. His crabby time seems to be in the mornings between ten and noon. I'll take it. If it all stays as is, I think I can do this...well, I have to do this, so we'll figure it out.
He is his own little man, a mix of Maxwell and Evan but is also his own person. His cheeks are to die for, and I love them. I have to admit I was shocked he was 9lbs. 9 oz. I really thought the biggest he'd be would be 9 lbs. but I love every chunky inch of him. He's still little to me. He really has not done much crying, mostly a lot of squawking like a bird which all our boys have done...maybe all babies do that? But there is a sweetness to that.
He responds amazingly well to my voice and when he is awake he is looking everywhere and LOVES the sound of his brothers voices.
It is going to be a lot of work, this I know but it will all be worth it.
For my three boys.
Every. Single. Minute.

and the winner is...

Ashleigh! Congratulations!!! You are now the proud owner of an ADORABLE serving bowl from Anthropologie. You should be getting it soon!
1. she said: December 2nd Actual: December 2
2. she said: Afternoon, maybe around 3 p.m. actual: 10:08 pm.
3. she said:Yes and YES! Mine didn't work with Ava, but was wonderful with Savannah actual: yes and YES!
4. she said: No, but close actual: yes we had his name all picked out a few weeks prior.
5. she said: 9 lbs even actual: 9lbs. 9oz.

My Aunt Sue was a VERY close second, and props to my Mother-in-Law who was DEAD on as far as his weight was concerned. :)

Congrats Ashleigh!

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

We welcome....

Liam Edward.
Born: 10:08 pm
9 lbs. 9 oz.

more to come...

here comes baby...

We are at the hospital...water is broken...We'll keep y'all posted! :)

Monday, December 01, 2008

Not Me Monday

Well it's Monday...again..

There is NOT a baby residing in my belly still.

I'm pretty sure he has NOT decided to make himself all cozy and perhaps even take up permanent residence in my belly since I stuffed myself so full on Thanksgiving.

I did NOT eat too much on Thanksgiving. Not me!

Someone did NOT ask me if I was having twins on Saturday.

I did NOT want to sit on her.

I did NOT scrub my floors on my hands and knees this weekend in an effort to get this babe out.
It is NOT December 1st today.

I'm most certianly NOT a nesting FREAK OF NATURE. Anybody need anything cleaned?

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving.

So my appointment was less than exciting. The bathroom situation panned out quite well, I didn't gain any weight, and my baby wasn't 14 lbs.

The ultrasound tech. (who I hear is pretty acurate most of the time) estimated him to be about 8lbs. 2oz.

I'll take it.

I was checked...dialated 2cm (again I'll take it) ,60% effaced (still taking it) and so nothings really changed in the last two weeks.


I did have my membranes stripped, but again that could mean NOTHING.

We'll see. We'll keep y'all posted if anything happens.

In the meantime...

we will be spending THANKSGIVING with our dear friends the Mondragons. We are obviously not making the trip back to Wisconsin because of the pending arrival of this baby. We are excited to spend the day with our friends though.

May y'all have a very blessed Thanksgiving as we thank GOD for all he has done for and given to us. I really liked MEGAN's thanksgiving banner she did with her family. Too cute.
ps- Did I mention that the post-pregnancy underwear are something AMAZING?

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

38 weeksish.

This morning both BOYS slept in. Like SERIOUSLY slept in. Evan was up at 9:30, and I hear Maxwell coming down the stairs as I type. Kind of like the calm before the STORM to come.

Today I head in for an ultrasound and my 38ish week appointment. Once again I will head into the bathroom for the obligiatory pee in a a cup the size of a penny routine and hope some makes it in and then proceed to spend about ten minutes too long wiping the cup off for the nurse so it looks like I know how to pee perfectly in a cup. Then I'll do a cleanup of the entire bathroom because somehow I've managed to make a mess.
I will then step on the scale and see that yes indeedy(another made up word by me... well that's not entirely true, I'm pretty sure I've heard other people use it, but dig?) still a fatty pregnant lady, listen to his heartbeat, get measured, try to sit up on my own and roll around like a whale stranded on a beach trying to find it's way back to the ocean.

It's a good time people.
Except this appointment I get to have an ultrasound and find out how big this little monkey is.
It's not like I spend every waking moment complaining about how big I am, annoying my husband to DEATH..or maybe I am. I'm so not soaking up these last few weeks of pregnancy or the time I have with my 2 boys, or just being thankful that I really have had a EASY pregnancy compared to many I hear about.

In the meantime I'm ready to go, the hospital bag is packed, and I cannot WAIT to fill it with everything that isn't attached to hospital walls as Justin feels the need to bring it ALL home.
I don't know about you, but I'm most looking forward to the post- pregnancy underwear. My cousin lovingly sent me a picture of a pair last week...just to remind me of those lovely things. Thanks Sara. LOVE YOU.
Thanksgiving in 2 days?!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Not me Monday.

Ah yes, Monday again.
Today it IS NOT rainy and gloomy outside...and I did NOT scale the shelves in our garage to get our Christmas decor down so I could keep busy this week.

I most certainly am NOT sick of being pregnant...these last few weeks are definitely my favorite.
I did NOT eat cookies for breakfast this morning...or all weekend long. Nope. Not ME!
Evan most certainly did NOT throw a towel in the toilet. I mean why would he be so interested in toilets? NOT him.

Maxwell did NOT spill his water all over his chair in church yesterday, and when I told him to go get Dad (who was sitting in the back because church was so full) to get him some napkins... he did NOT come back with a mint in his mouth and no napkins. I definitely DID NOT overreact then and take him out and glare at Justin on the way out the door because he was totally clued into what was going on. NOPE. NOT me.
I am NOT worried that this baby is slowly growing to the size of a small calf and afraid that I will be will be pregnant for 2 more weeks....or forever.

Downtown Holiday Jacket and Pant GIVEAWAY!!!!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

My Charming Kids.

Woo-hoo!!! Read MckMama. She rocks. She loves Jesus and has four kids under four!
Here is her only daughter... SmallFry. Cutie patootie isn't she? :)

Thursday, November 20, 2008

these are the days...

Soaking up the last few days (er, maybe weeks) of crazy unscheduled bliss with my 2 boys...

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

soon to be 3.

I love the first few hours after your baby arrives. You realize that this child is REALLY yours, that you are now responsible for them, and the love you feel is overwhelming. Of course that is followed by many sleepless nights, lots of crying and dirty diapers, but in those first few hours you don't even think about all that. I can't help but wonder if this will be the last time I have that feeling. As I smile to myself at my sleeping newborn, breathing in that sterile hospital smell I wonder if this time will be my last having that time.
Maxwell Jared. 8.19.2004

Maxwell @ 2 months.

Evan John. 8.8.2006

Evan @ 2 weeks.

...and before you know it they grow up.

It's hard to believe that soon there will be three. It still amazes me how different my boys are...I cannot help but think about who this little guy will be.
It's going to be quite a ride, andI know many sleepless nights lie ahead, but it'll all be worth it.

Monday, November 17, 2008

where visitors lie.

wall 1: I did the wall art, painted that makeshift fence headboard I found on the curb in our nieghborhood, and I painted the tables.
Wall2: I changed the curtians. They were these bright striped curtians...cute but just didn't fit anymore. These curtians were downstairs in our dining room, but we changed the curtians in there so they were just being stored...broke those babies back out!

wall 3: nothing changed here...the corner of too much stuff. Justin REFUSES to get rid of the rocking chair that I swear neither of use...but he claims he will once the baby comes. The downside of NOT having a basement is that our only storage options are the garage and well, the guest room as you see.

wall 4: Just switched up the art on the walls. Pics of the boys and that awesome tree print that I got at target for $15. ages ago. The box on the floor is part of Evan's new bed frame...we're getting to that.
...and there you have it.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

you rock.

Thanks to my awesome friend Allison who made these awesome bibs for our new little guy.
They are SO are WAY talented my friend! Love you!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

sneaky preview.

Ok. Y'all can relax now. Let out that long held breath, because I'm about to reveal...
The MASTER bedroom.
Megan inspired me to get the show on the road already...and her room looks great, so you should check it out. aw. ain't we cute?

Mind you, there is loads I'd love to do still...and it's really not completely done, but I think it is much better than before. (and Beth I considered removing the clock from our room, but Justin claims he LOVES it in there so...comprises had to be made.) Scope the before out HERE.
more to come...

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


In the words of Maxwell;" Tartar sauce! "
That mirror needs some serious cleaning.
SO here we are in all my 36, 37 ish weeks of glory. Double chin and all. Nobody really knows when I'm due, but I'm measuring 37 weeks...and my belly is GINORMOUS!
Today I was checked, about 2 cm dilated, and 60% effaced. To those of you who don't know what that means, I really don't either.
All I know is, I'll take it.
I didn't dilate or anything with Maxwell or Evan. So I'll take what I can get at this point.
Besides working on getting this child out, I've been nesting like a mad-woman...oh who am I kidding, I'm mad-woman all the time. But this I did on the wall between our kitchen and living room. It really is an odd space to decorate and I've changed it a kabillion times, but for now I'm digging this...

And for those of you coming to visit us soon...I've been working on the guest room. This room is WAY to french/country/girly for Justin and is the reason it is the guest room. (still working on our room, but it's coming along quite nicely I think...I know y'all were on the edge of your seats wondering what was up with our guest room...never fear it will come...someday)
Anyway, here is a little sneak peek of the guest room which is about 80% done. And I want to add(mostly for my husbands sake) I didn't spend ONE DIME to update this room, I used materials we already had.

Oh, and OF COURSE I forgot to take before pictures. The best way to describe the room before would be fiesta. The curtains were really bright and stripped and I really only had a few accent pieces on the wall to mimic that. It was blah in my opinion.

I painted these tables to have that vintagey( yeah I made that dig?) beaten look.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

more than you care to know about my weekend.

I'm not one to complain (yeah right)...but this BY FAR is the WORST pregnancy I've ever experienced.
I'm pretty sure my belly cannot get any bigger, and yet it probably will.
My back KILLS... and my hips...I didn't even know I had real hips,well now I do, they ache like no body's business...not that anyone wants to make it their business anyway.
I've been nothing short of an angel this week. Looking all cute when my husband comes home, greeting him with a smile, a kiss, and say; "take your shoes off and relax dear" kinda wife. So sweet of me, right?
Friday it all came to light when about 15 minutes before our friends Keith and Allison were supposed to arrive for our Chili/Season 1 of House bash, I was putting away some butter for the apple crisp I'd just finished putting together and CRASH! Glasses began pouring out of the cabinet in a seemingly slow motion and one by one crashed into the counter below. I swear it would've been perfect for a movie scene. Justin comes in and "kindly" asks what in the world happened. One of the pegs for the shelf came out and the shelf was off balance and when I placed the butter on it...and well you know. My apple crisp now had shards of glass in it, and there was glass everywhere. Allison texts that they were running late, so we had time for cleanup.

If you know Justin it sometimes takes him a lifetime to do a normal everyday task. It's like slow motion. I swear it takes him 15 minutes to pump gas.

Five minutes to prep for the gas pumping...put car into park, unbuckle seat belt, find wallet and extract credit card, slowly open door and get out.
Once out of the car another five minutes is spent opening the gas tank, swiping credit card, selecting gasoline of choice and ever so slowly inserting the pump into the tank and the gas pumping begins. Then he usually begins to inspect the car for possible defects or possible reasons to take a car in to get fixed.
The last five minutes are as the pump clicks off, he ever so carefully wiggles the pump to get every last drip out of the hose, puts the pump back, screws on the caps, retrieves his receipt, and gets back in the car to take an ETERNITY to put his credit card back, put on his seat belt, start the car and go.
Not that I'm complaining....I don't do that remember? I actually LOVE giving him a hard time about it...always makes us laugh.
I digress.
Back to the glass cleanup. Justin and I work on cleaning up, which takes him a half a year, I gotta give the guy the thorough award that's for sure. I went to work putting together another apple crisp and soon Keith and Allison arrived and while Justin army crawled around the kitchen I went to get the door. The evening ended up being a complete blast as we laughed the night away only getting through two episodes of House.
Saturday Justin went to a football game with Chad, and I decided in protest I'd rake the lawn. That would show him. I'm not sure what it would show him, but something.
Well, I learned that mostly it showed ME that I'm a moron. My body killed the rest of the day, and Justin mocked, yes, MOCKED my leaf piles. Excuse me but I had two (what I thought) rather large piles, and I filled our Lawn receptacle full.
When it comes down to it, I miss my husband. He's been working his tail off lately... working 10 hour days, and while he normally has Fridays off he hasn't in about a month, and a few weeks ago he worked Saturday too! Being an overly emotional pregnant woman doesn't help matters, but our time together has been pretty minimal and I'm growing anxious about having a needy newborn in the house soon.
my point:
I'm a meanie. I love you Just.


Evan has been "helping"out a lot lately....goodness me.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

thank you!

Yesterday as I arrived home from the polls I saw a box on my porch.
I love boxes on my porch.
Boxes +porch = goodness.
Inside was this... Coloring book, book, and stickers for Maxwell and Evan, and an ADORABLE blanket for our new little one arriving soon. ( She made Max and Evan blankests like these too...and they are VERY loved)
I love bloggy friends!

I hope we can hang out for real someday soon! Your three girls and my three boys! Thank you!