Friday, June 30, 2006

"Shall not the Judge of the earth do what is just?" -Genesis 18 :25

Thoughts I have had this week...reading about Job...again, I love this story, his trust in God when all went wrong, I thought a lot about how angry he must have been.

Being angry at God is never right. It is wrong, always wrong.
Now don't get me wrong, it is ok to express our anger to God, but to judge or outright disapprove of God for what he allows and does is wrong. We are but just puny people, full of ourselves and to disapprove of what God does is wrong. We can be angry at sin, angry at the evil one, but God knows what is best...he does what is right and just.
God sees our anger, there is no hiding it from him, but if we should be angry at him we should talk with him about it, confess that we feel this way and ask for his help and guidance so that we might trust fully in him, trust in his wisdom.
When Jesus died on the cross for our sins, he removed the wrath of God from our lives. Forever! We have a merciful God...always...even when life seems like more than we may be able to handle.

Monday, June 26, 2006

the chocolate incident...

I was just telling my mother-in-law yesterday how I think Max
is especially messy because he secretly knows how obsessed his mother
is about a clean house...

Tonight I was doing some laundry, Justin was in
our room talking on the phone and Max was in
the kitchen clattering some pots and pans. Then it
was quiet...too quiet.
So in I went and stumbled upon Max finger painting on the floor.
Earlier I made the mistake of treating Max to chocolate
milk, and later he got the empty bottle out of the trash (which he had
duly noted I put there)and spread it everywhere.
I could not help but laugh, but I told him what he
had done was very naughty...between chuckles.
This is just his art creation he added to the floor.

the damage to the clothes (pre-wash)...we stripped him
quickly and into the tub he went...he had it in his hair, arms,

Thursday, June 22, 2006

maternity fashion...what I can offer.

This one's for you Danielle. (and I have no idea who that woman in the picture is, but you all have seen someone like her before have you not?)

So, it's true...the days of wearing big jumpers and mu-mu (spelling?) dresses are over at least for some of us. In my opinion the big tent things should all be burned, never to be seen again. In the fashion world today being cute while pregnant is now more possible than it ever was. The problem though is this.... most of the maternity boutiques are expensive, thus allowing you only to buy 3-5 (if your lucky) items to wear your whole pregnancy. Now if your like me, I enjoy clothes, sometimes a bit much and I admit I have a problem (but we will talk about that another time) so only having one pair of pants, a nice undershirt, and two shirts is not cool with me. So here is how I worked it out.

First off, use what you already have. Gaucho pants are in right now and I have some, and have been able to wear them my whole pregnancy since they are made with a wide waistband. They sell maternity ones, but I do not think that it is necessary. Some women claim they can wear their normal pants the whole pregnancy under their belly, not me. I do not have big hips at all but they grow when pregnant, and there is no way my jeans are coming up past my thighs. I could wear most of my normal skirts most of my pregnancy too.
Another idea is to buy a few sizes bigger at a re-sale shop for cheap and they might work. My cousin Nicole got some cute shorts just a bigger size than she normally wears.
Wearing tight fitting to your belly shirts is also in. So even if your shirt is tight around your belly just wear a longer maternity tank underneath for the layered look. Button down shirts with just one or two buttons buttoned with a tee underneath looks cute too. I have found that my regular jackets are cute too. A jacket over a plain tee adds another element, looks cute. Something that my cousin has done which looks great too, is wearing her husbands plain white t shirts. They look super cute and fit her well.
As for buying maternity clothes, you really do not need too much. Perhaps a few tanks ( which I wear under everything) I got mine from Gap, two for like $18, and one nice pair of maternity pants. I LOATHE those big paneled pants that cover your whole belly, but my cousin Vanessa loves them . Anyway, just find a pair that you know you will love to wear over and over again. I have a pair of white pants with a small elastic band. They are fun.
Longer shirts are in right now, so I have been able to wear regular shirts as maternity shirts. I have gotten most from Old Navy which is very affordable. The last thing I would suggest, is scouring out those maternity stores. HIT those sales racks like you never hit a sales rack before. Our maternity boutiques here have quite a bit on the sale racks...they are jam-packed! But I found some really cute tops for under $20 and a maternity swimsuit (yikes!) that was $11. Can't beat that.
I do not claim to be an expert but that's what I can offer to you. Work with what you have, just buy a few key items to be worn over and over, and perhaps splurge on a top that you really love. Be in the mood to shop and you will come out successful and cute !! Happy pregnancy! (hopefully soon Danielle, because you will be one darn cute pregnant lady!)

loofah man.

Today in the shower, I noticed once again that my body wash was moved out of my basket of shower stuff and on a shower shelf...where Justin's soap should have been. I looked soap.
Upon the exit of my shower I had to ask.

"Have you been using my body wash and loofah?"
"Yeah, I am out of soap."
"You should tell me so I know to get you more when I am at Target."
" I like the body wash, I think I want to start using it."
" Would you use a loofah?"
"Yeah...I mean...should I ? But I want like Old Spice wash or something like that."
"Well sure. I think it is fine."

So there it is. My husband loves the loofah. But rest assured, he will use the manly body wash.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006


So, this week Justin offically applied for a position at a company that really wanted to hire him, he just had to let them know he was really interested. We had a few different options as to where we could move; Washington, Tennesee, Milwaukee, Wisconsin and Kentucky. After much thought and considering all the options we decided the best place for us to go if we were to go with this company would be in Kentucky. We have been thinking and praying about it and by the close of this week we are expecting a call with the official offer. So, we may be moving to Lexington! Home to the University of Kentucky, the Ketucky Derby, and a good friend of ours is currently attending school down there for an added bonus. Plus, it is only about an 8 hour drive from our families. Much closer than moving across the country! We are pretty sure it is going to happen, but it is not offical yet! The job will last 4 years and then we are planning to most likely move back to the Chicago/Milwaukee area. We are planning on purchasing our first home and are really excited to have our little family embark on this new adventure together. I will keep y'all updated as we know more! Keep praying that we would seek God's will for us!

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

being pregnant together.

June 11, 2006- nicole 26 weeks, anne 31 weeks, vanessa 33 weeks
For some reason my Dad insists on taking this view of picture.
To make you look as fat as possible, how big our bellies truly are. Thanks Dad.

June 17, 2006 - me 32 weeks, Nicole 27 weeks, Vanessa 34 weeks.

being pregnant with your best friends (and cousins)
is so fabulous!

great grandma, grandma's, mom's, and babies.

aunt sue, mom, nana, me, nicole, and vanessa.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Head in the clouds...

 Dad, who took this picture (and no it is not edited at all) submitted it to this website... and they loved the picture, and during the week of 4/17 Maxwell's picture was flashed periodically through the week in TIMES SQAURE! So crazy! You can see a live picture taken when it was up on the big screen if you check out the site.

Happy Father's Day

Maxwell and his Daddy

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Face to Face

"Now we see in a mirror dimly, but then face to face. Now I know in part; then I shall know fully, even as I have been fully known" -1 Corinthians 13:12

I love this verse. It is another reminder me to keep focused on Chirst. It is a tough world out there, and living life day to day is hard. You know how when we actually physically see someone it is so much easier to communicate with them, to understand them, to make them happy. I often feel like that about Christ. I wish that I could see his face when I am talking with him. But even if he were to magically appear everytime I wanted to talk with him, would I live my life differently when I could not see him again (even though he is always there)? I guess this is part of the mystery that is he. Something for us to long for, meeting our savior face to face. To see his face, and so much more! In all of his glory and almightiness we will see his radiant face and not help but to fall on our knees in awe and worship of our king!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

the road home...and the last of our vacation pictures.

max on the ride home...tired and worn out, but we had a fabulous time as always! Cannot wait until next year for the Swansons 5th annual Door County trip!

date night

Just and I had a night out in Sturgeon Bay, where we also spent our honeymoon. We had a nice dinner out overlooking the bay, and reminisced about our honeymoon and talked about our future. This picture is taken on the boardwalk by the bay where we also have a picture of us here almost four years ago.


tan-julia, green-mom, pink-jaimee, black-joelle, blue-anne
mom jane bought all us girls crocs for vacation!
Great for the beach and comfy too!

spending time in Ephriam

our little family...

dad and max

checking out the lake...

playing around on the rocks

attempting to be real watercolor artists

jaimee-julia-joelle-anne-mom jane





mom/ Grandma





a tight race between father and sons...

Grandpa and Grandma

Julia and Jaimee

Jordan and Justin

woe is me

A little complaining to start off the week...
Today was absolutely miserable. I picked up the worst cold like thing, stuffy/leaking nose, a throbbing head, and the worst sore throat. But the worst part about being sick is the guilt. I did not get out of bed until 4:30 this afternoon after sleeping most of the day. I have not been sick since Maxwell has been born, and I felt awful neglecting him all day. Justin was home but he was not feeling well either, so Maxwell's day consisted of videos and a lot of entertaining himself. I feel a little better tonight, I changed our sheets and ate a peanut butter and jelly sandwhich. Hopefully tommorow will be better.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Congratulations Graduates!

A BIG congratulations to my brother Carl on his High School Graduation. Way to go! We love you.

Also congrats to other important Grads. in our lives:

Jens Thomsen
Hallie Swanson
Megan Deeluew

Friday, June 09, 2006

june 1


max and his aunt jaimee (like his shirt? Very appropriate at times!)

max and mom

joelle..strike a pose!

happy boy

showing affection for his pup..."p.j."

imitating Uncle Jordan

Max and Dad in matching shirts

May 31


jaimee heading down for some beach fun...

mr. max

max and mom


little feet...

Uncle Jordan & Aunt Joelle waiting for the serve!

volleyball toddler style!

Anne & Jaimee

Mom Jane (aka. spiker!)

Joelle going for the ball at all costs!