Thursday, December 20, 2007


I have to say I am a bit surprised nobody said anything about my jeans. We were planning on getting the waist much for that plan. Oh well, I loved the picture (esp. of the boys) and so thats what went! For all of you asking about the cards...they are made at Kodak Gallery and are Martha Stewart, she is SO good. I used her design last year too and got such great feedback I decided to do it again.
Until next year, MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR! I may post some while we are home in WI...but just wanted to say so just in case. Make sure to spend some time reflecting on God's goodness and mercy in sending his son! Enjoy your times with family and friends!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Christmas time is here.

So I tried to get a cute picture of the boys all decked out, but alas...not to happen. This was the best one I captured even though the lighting is not the best.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

my career

I am still fairly new to this business, but I currently have two clients in my portfolio. Maxwell Inc. and Evan Enterprises. My partner, also known as my husband Justin and I are considering taking on a third client, but for now are keeping busy with the two we have currently. Justin has another full time position with another company, so I am the primary caretaker of this company.
My partner Justin begins his day around 6:00 am. and is out the door to his other job around 7:00 am.
My mornings usually start off with a scheduled meeting with Evan Enterprises, around 8:00 am. He sometimes shows up early, but I'm always prepared for that.
Around 9 am Mr. Maxwell --of Maxwell Inc -- is in the office ready to begin our day. We usually head down to the kitchen office where I have a variety of breakfast options. Both Mr. Maxwell and Evan have a nice casual breakfast with one another, making business plans while I usually prepare myself some coffee for the work day ahead.
Between the hour of 10 and 11 both Mr. Maxwell and Mr. Evan are usually (but not always) in a meeting with Mr. TV of the Broadcast group. This gives me time to catch up on e-mails,phone calls and random paperwork.
After their morning meeting, the clients and I usually spend some time going over portfolios, drawing up new plans, or just brainstorming.
We break for lunch at about 12:30 pm. Both clients are usually fairly easy to please with the choices I give. Occasionally Mr. Max or Mr. Evan will complain, but I usually can coax them into the deliciousness of the meal provided.
By 1pm Mr. Evan has another meeting at his office at Evan Enterprises in which he is usually gone for an hour or two. He must work very hard, because when he arrives back at our office he is a bit disheveled and his eyes are glassed over.
During the time that Mr. Evan is absent, Mr. Maxwell and I go over his portfolio which is quite colorful and spend time working on blueprints at the train table. Sometimes we take a break with Mr. Play-doh who always gives us a good laugh with his entertaining ways.
Sometimes, between the hours of 2 and 4 pm the Mr. Maxwell and Mr. Evan and I spend time at some of the places we have investments in such as; Kroger, Fresh Market, Whole Foods, and Target. We occasionally visit our smaller investments of; Marshalls, Old Navy, Gap, and T.J. Maxx. We would like to expand our investments in all of the companies but more time and money is required and we are (and should be) quite satisfied with the profits we have received.
If we've spent the afternoon out we usually arrive home where I begin preparing for the nightly meeting of the whole company. Mr. Evan and Mr. Maxwell usually spend time in the drawing room, working at the train table, or perhaps they will have a meeting with Mr. DVD. He is a nice guy who can almost always keep the clients calm and in order.
Around 6 pm my partner arrives to our office where we all sit down for a nice meal together while we discuss our progress for the day and the future of our company. After the meeting, my partner/husband usually spends time the clients while I spend some time organizing and cleaning up the office.
Sure occasionally we have a few nights out, perhaps an out of the office meeting, or other engagements. But the nights we spend in we usually wind down by having a relaxing time filled with an array of activities to keep all partners happy.
By 8 pm Mr. Evan is ready to check out of the office for the day, and by 8 :15 after I read through some final documents with him, he is officially out of the office.
By 9 pm Mr. Maxwell has been gone through some documents of his choosing. He does work late some nights, but he too is usually officially checked out of the office by 10pm.
As for me, my day is not over quite yet. I usually have some odds and ends to tie up, but my partner/husband and I try to spend some quality time together before we too check out for the night. Usually we clock out for the night around eleven or midnight.
Most nights are peaceful and pleasant but occasionally we get the late night calls from Mr. Maxwell or Mr. Evan. They just want to feel secure in their investment in us, and we always reassure them they are in good hands.
The days in my job may be long, tiring, and sometimes can seem so mediocre. I definitely don't do it for the money,but I would never trade this job for any other…because I can almost always count on the job being exciting and it certainly is rewarding even if it may not always feel that way.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

a few random things.

Confession: I sometimes wake up my sleeping husband even if I'm wide awake if one of the boys needs us. It is hilarious to watch him stumble out of bed, and if I am lucky he will mumble some utter nonsense. It's great. Besides he never remembers the next day.

Confession: I love the cartoon, Emperor's New School. It is hilarious. Don't love it 'til you try it. I also love the Hannah Montana does my husband. In fact, we were going to get tickets to her concert in a few weeks, but they sold out in like 5 minutes. Yeah, she rocks!

Confession: I don't know how to fold the fitted sheet. I once perfected it,I have no idea how and it was pretty much a miracle that it ever occurred. Now our fitted sheets get rolled into a ball and thrown into the closet.

Confession: I drink about a half a pot of coffee a day.

Confession: In High School a friend bought me the movie, Monty Python And The Holy Grail because she thought it was my favorite. I did quote it, but I had never seen it... I still haven't.

Confession: I have never seen the movie, The Princess Bride. I KNOW! But it's true.

Confession: I am not entirely sure about my feelings on the color pink.
Confession: I can tell you the make and model of pretty much any car. A weird talent yes, but again, it's true.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Advent house.

I got this cute little Martha Stewart advent house that I finished putting together this afternoon. It was fun to fill with candy treats for my little sweets. :)