Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Baseball boys

Evan and Max take a swing (heehee) at baseball.
Last video for awhile I promise! :)

Monday, April 28, 2008

Providence Community Kids

For the Grandparents! (Aunts and Uncles too...and anyone else that cares!)
Sorry about the poor quality. I really need to get our real video camera out instead of using my camera which only takes short segments. Notice how Max says "land of God" instead of "lamb of God" and "fank you" instead of "thank you"...so cute.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Just!

Justin and his older brother Jared as sweet babes. Thanks to Justin's Mom for sending it today :)

Today my sweet husband turns 27.
While Justin and I are different in many ways, it makes us a better couple. I think we compliment each other well. It has been a challenge at times, but it has helped us to grow.
I'll never get over the discpline Justin has, especially for work. Justin works very hard, yet he does not bring work home with him. While he was still in school I was amazed at how much he studied...espcially when it was nice out. I was skipping class left and right. People really respect and look up to him, and that makes me proud.
Oh...that reminds me quick side story...
A few nights ago the boys and I went for a walk, Max was dying to skateboard (which means he pushes the skateboard down the street with one foot) and so we went for a short walk. As we are walking I see this guy from Tru-green (lawn guys) walking from house to house. I get home and Justin asks;
"Did you see that guy walking around?"
"Yeah, did he stop here?"
"Yeah, and I answered the door and he asked if my parents were home!"
I about died laughing.
Chad had the idea that if I would've been home it would have been hillarious if he would have had me go to the door.
I digress.
Just, I love you and thank you for all the things you do for me and our boys. Thank you for going in the crawl space, (he's spent some time repairing things down there lately) because I don't want to even look in the crawl space. The boys always look forward to your arrival home from work, as do I.
By the way, it was hillarious last night when you were opening a card and I said;
"ew spider!"
And you threw the card and screamed like a girl. (The spider was across the room on the wall.)
I love laughing with you!
This year marks ten years that we have been together. We sure have been through A LOT in the past decade, but the through it all, I wouldn't want to have done it with anyone else.
I love you.
Happy Birthday!

Monday, April 21, 2008

chicken enchilada's

I got a new cookbook: The Best of America's Test Kitchen 2007. (also check out their site.) It rocks. I tried these enchilada's last week, and they were SOOOO yum. Served it with rice and tortilla chips. A great make ahead meal for you, or a great meal to give to someone in need of one. :)

1 (29 oz. can) tomato sauce
3 garlic cloves, minced
1/2 onion, chopped (approx. 1/2 cup)
1 canned chipotle chilie in adobe sauce
1 teas. ground cumin
1 teas. ground coriander
1/4 teas. salt
1/2c. low-sodium chicken broth
1 tablespoon veg. oil
3 cups shredded cooked chicken
10 oz. shredded M. Jack cheese (2.5 cups)
1/3 c. chopped fresh cilantro
2 tablespoons miced pickled jalapeno chilies
10 (6 inch) corn tortillas
Veg oil spray.

1. Blend tomato sauce, onion, garlic, chipotle, cumin, coriander, salt, and broth in blender until smooth. Heat oil in large nonstick skillet over medium heat until shimmering. Add tomato mixture, bring to boil, reduce heat to low and simmer until mixture is reduced to about 3.5 cups, about 8-10 minutes. Transfer to bowl and refrigerate until cool. About 1 hour.
2. Heat oven to 300 degrees and have oven rack in middle position. Toss 3/4 cup of the sauce with chicken, 1 cup of the cheese, cilantro, and jalapenos.
3. place 5 tortillas on a ackin sheet and lightly coat both sides with veg oil spray. Bake the tortillas until just pliable, about 2 minutes. Working quickly, transfer 1 tortilla at a time to a work surface , fill with 1/3 c. of chicken mix and roll tightly. Transfer, seam side down to a large plate. Repeadt warming and rolling process with remaining tortillas. Place plate in freezer until tortillas are frozen, at least 1 hour.
4. Place the remaining sauce in freezer safe container and press two layers of plastic wrap directly unto the surface of the sauce. Tightly wrap enchiladas in bundles of 5 first in plastic wrap, then foil. Freeze for up to 2 months!
5. when ready to serve: adjust oven to middle position, and heat to 350 degrees. Defrost ench. sauce in micro on defrost setting (approx. 12 minutes).
6. Coat 9x13 oan with veg. oil sprayu. Arrange frozen enchiladas in a single layer in pan and coat tops with veg. oil spray. Bake until tops of tortillas are beginning to flake, about 20 mins. remove dish from ove, top enchiladas with 1.5 cups of sauce, and bake 10 more minutes. Sprinkle enchiladas with remaining 1.5 cups of cheese and bake until cheese melts and the center of the casserole is hot and bubbly. 3-5 min. approx. Serve passing remaining sauce seperately. top with sour cream and green onion if you so choose! Enjoy!


Today I needed to get to the UPS store. I prefer going there to the post office because it is just easier with two little ones.
As I pull into the parking lot I am still thinking about my errand last night.
Here's the story:
So, there I was going to Target to pick up a few household items and I am looking for a parking spot and finally with glee I pull into a spot close to the store. In front of me is this monster like truck taking up 2, yes TWO spaces.
The thing was that:
1. It did not need to take up two spaces.
2. If you insist on taking two spaces do it far away.
It's like people with BMW's who think they are so above the rest of us and take up two spaces so no car is near theirs and park obscenely far away so that you can't miss the beauty of their car since it is so far from any other vehicle.
It kinda makes me want to "accidentally" bump their car with a cart. Or place a cart behind their bumper, something! OK, I am so evil. I would never really do it people! Anyway, I get all up in arms and bitter because I am lame and get upset over stupid events in my life.
Anyway, I finally get over last nights events as I pull in front of the UPS store.
In the boys and I go and the girl behind the counter asks if she can help me. She takes my package I needed to mail and proceeds to get stamps. Max looks up at me and says;
"Mommy..." and he proceeds to vomit all over the floor. I was stunned. I was even more stunned that nobody else noticed.
"Um, excuse me, but my son just vomited all over your floor. Do you have something I can clean it up with?"
She comes back with some paper towels, Lysol disinfectant wipes and a wastebasket in case he has to have another go.
Here I am scrubbing their floor so it does not smell or stain, and in walks about a billion people. Or five. But it felt like billion. They all just look at me like I am slightly crazy. Well, they might not be all wrong, but they could be a little more discreet with thier looks.
I finish clean up, and then dig in my bag for my credit card and hand it to the girl who looks at me like; "what am I supposed to do with this?"
" I need to pay for my stamps and package."
"Oh right, right."
No, I just walked in to have my son vomit in your store so I could clean it up. I thought it would be a fun event for the day.
Maybe I am just being to sensitive.
So we are home now, and Max is laying low. No vomiting since, but the whole thing was weird.
And utterly embarrassing.

side note: I don't know if it is the air here or what, but our family has never been sicker. In fact, we NEVER really got sick before but all of us have been sick at least once, some of us twice this year. Crazy.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

the bike.

I'm usually unimpressed with 3 year old art. Scribbles on a page, I mean it's sweet but most of Maxwell's art projects are filed away in his art portfolio (just in case he makes it big someday) to be looked at years from now, and giggled at. Today though, I freaked when he came up to me with this bike...on his magna doodle. I can't even write my name on those things very nicely. Too bad he didn't do it on paper, but next time. At least I have a picture of it. Sure it has no pedals, but hey I was impressed!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

these days.

Max and Evan have been outdoors everyday this week so far. Last night they discovered a puddle and came in soaked head to toe in mud...bath night. Today Max was found on the deck with his trucks and Evan in the lawn (excuse the state of our lawn...it desperately needs a mow) with a ball and bat or where else...but the mud.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

spring 2008

*WARNING: If you are a man, you will probably care less about this post.
I get spring fever, and I get it bad. I have been sick over the last week and a half that finally today I got a chance to get out the ol' spring/summer bin of clothes and take stock. I am definately good on pants, but I can always find room for new shoes and t's. :)

A few spring/summer clothes rules/observations I live by.
1. Shorts are out....permanently. Look if you really must wear shorts, do it, but I ain't gonna pretend I love them. Those board shorts are actually pretty cute, but anything too above the knee isn't doing much for you.Hey, somebody had to come out and say it. But again, if you must carry on.
2. Capri's ROCK! If capris ever go out of style I will probably still wear them. I love them THAT much. I have a couple pair that I got when I worked at Limited, and I will wear them until the day I die, they are so comfy, stylish, can be dressy or not, and just rock!
3. Satan invented low-rise jeans. I swear, who can really pull those off without showing their entire behind? They are nast. I mean so are skinny jeans, and mom jeans but at least they don't show off your entire rear end. EW. We need more normal jeans. What happened to a good pair of flairs? I got this pair of jeans about 4 years ago at Gap for $14.99 as they were special pair for the season, and I still love them. They are my favorite, they have cute rear end pockets, and I ALWAYS get compliments on them. I should have stocked up...if only I would have known my slim pickings years later...and the fact that my body isn't quite the same but these jeans are still workin' it.
4. You can never have to many cute summer shoe options. Sure flip-flops are cute, and a dime a dozen, but you gotta go beyond the flip-flop people. Some cute flats, wedge sandals, if you are brave; heels, a nice strappy sandal. You get my drift. I am a sucker for shoes, especially in the summer since your feet are seen more.
5. Why am I able to buy a shirt with kitties on it? Ok, so this is totally random, but I have to say something. Our mall has a Sears right smack dab in the middle of it. So to get to stores on either side you have to go through it. Talk about bad clothing options. Sure here and there I see a few items I would consider taking a second glance at, but for the most part I wondered who could really shop at Sears? I had to stop at a rack full of shall I say, old lady shirts. Now I know all old ladies don't fall into the trap, but enough still do that they continue to make these clothes. I just could go on, but I will stop since I know all you who read my blog are stylish to the max!
5. A cute sundress/skirt always makes me smile. I honestly think I look bad in dresses, but in the summer they make some really cute and breathable dresses that I can't resist.

The Couch War

Check out my latest publication at Ungrind.

Monday, April 14, 2008

The Church of Oprah Exposed

I never cared for Oprah, but it is official, she has gone off the deep end.
UM...Oprah God is not Jealous OF you, he is jealous FOR you, and your soul.

Thursday, April 10, 2008


I felt well enough to at least sit outside with the boys while they played in the yard. I felt bad for keeping them in all week.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

still recovering.

Here we are on Wednesday and I am slowly but surely getting better. My fever is going down one degree a day it seems, so by Friday I should be back to normal. I feel bad because I haven't been able to do much with the boys or make a decent dinner for Justin to come home to. At least it is temporary. It could be worse, I know.
Can anyone else believe we are almost in mid-April?

Monday, April 07, 2008


all the girls: Liz, Heidi, Dana, Trisha, Angie, and me.

All for you Brian.:) These are my good friends Heidi and Brian who live in Milwaukee. They are the sweetest couple, and it is always fun to reunite with them again.

This past weekend I got to go home to Wisconsin all by myself. It was weird not having any kids to look after but also a nice break. On the way up everything went smoothly with my flights, except on my last leg we had to wait a little bit for 3 people whose planes had just arrived. The last guy gets on and has this huge ol' bag at which I was shocked they did not make him check and he is clunking the thing down the aisle causing a huge ruckus. The guy was out of his mind. I had a a good chuckle though.
Friday my Aunt, Uncle, and cousin Nicole(and her 1.5 year old Miles) came up to my parents and we all had a nice time together catching up and hanging out. Saturday morning my Mom and I hung out in our p.j.'s all morning and then I was off to the wedding I had come from. My friend Trisha from high school was getting married that day. It was a beautiful wedding and it was fun to reminisce with old friends.
Sunday I went to church and it was fun to catch up with people there, and then my parents and I went to
Justin's parents for lunch. Good times. Then my parents and I made a quick stop at Anthropologie (how could I not) before heading to the airport.
My plane from Madison was supposed to leave a 4:45, my connection was at 6 in Milwaukee, and then I would be home at 8. Of course things went wrong. The plane was SUPER late and there was no way I was going to make my connection so I had to re-book and get home via Chicago. If you have ever been to the O'hare airport, it is always busy. I wasn't going to get in to Louisville (which is about an hour away from us) until 11:15. Sigh. Justin found a flight to Lexington that was booked but I was going to try and get on it in Chicago. Well, I finally get to Chicago, and even early, but we sat on the tarmac for like thirty minutes and I missed the connection to Lexington by 3 minutes! While we were waiting to get in though there was like a service road outside my window, so I was watching the cars/planes and whatever go by and this guy in a golf cart was swinging his arms like he was Fred Flinstone driving the thing. It was hilarious. I think he was doing it for those of us waiting in line to get into our gates. Or maybe I am just crazy. Well, OK people, I was tired and not to mention feeling quite ill so it is possible I imagined the whole thing, but I don't think so! I picked something up in Wisconsin and it ain't pretty. I feel awful today, fever, chills, coughing, throat on fire. Good times. But I am glad to be home, back to the ol' grind and be with my boys.

Thursday, April 03, 2008


My new favorite thing.
Granja San Francisco Blossom Honey. About $6 but worth every penny.
I have never been that into honey, but this stuff is SOOO good.
A little of this good ol' honey in the bottom of my coffee mug = T-a-s-t-y!

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Hooter Hiders.

I thought these were pretty cool for nursing Moms. I have found my new baby gift! Plus, it will make for a good laugh at the shower because of the name. Check them out here.

Is it true?

Justin has been told more than once he looks like Ashton Kutcher. I know my comparable pictures are not the best, since Just is wearing glasses but just so you get an idea.
He is away at a conference in Ft. Lauderdale, and last night he called me when he was settled in his hotel room. On the plane ride over he was seated next to a couple who were fighting for the twenty minutes of the flight. Eventually the guy turns to Justin and says;
"Hey aren't you that guy from That Seventies Show?"
"Yes, you are. Are we on punked?"
"Nope, but I have been told I look like Ashton before."
"Well, you look a lot like him.'
"You've been PUNKED!"
OK, he didn't say that, but it would've been hilarious.