Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Baseball boys

Evan and Max take a swing (heehee) at baseball.
Last video for awhile I promise! :)


Julia said...

NO! Keep the videos coming, they are so adorable I can hardly stand it... I miss them so much! BTW, is Evan a leftie?

Jane Swanson said...

Absolutely! We LOVE these videos! They are so cute and PERSISTENT!!
Love them!
~granpa and granma swanson

Anonymous said...

The Cubs called! They want their batting lineup back!!

Zoe said...

I love it! The teeball is bigger then them! ha! Too cool!

Kim said...

They are so cute!! So, boy. Don't you love seeing them in action? What a fun day. We need to get something like that for Noah, only it wouldn't be long before he was beating his sister with the bat, Im sure:)