Thursday, November 21, 2013

{1}. Griffin Justin

   It's true what they say. Every child grows up quicker, and your first year was a mere blink.
Happiest of 1st Birthdays to my baby, my 5th boy, #griffinjustin ! {8am breakfast } #happybirthday #bornonelectionday #couldveusedbarackasamiddlenamebutthehusbandeasntfeelinit  #oneyearold #mybaby #5
 You have brought such joy, our fifth son. You always have a smile.
11:46am { following mama around} #griffinjustin #happybirthday #oneyearold #mybaby #5
You try so hard to keep up with your brothers,who adore you. You love watching them play. 8:13pm {brotherly love} #griffinjustin #happybirthday #maxwelljared #evanjohn #liamedward #declanpaul #brothers #oneyearold #myboys #swansoncasa
You are so curious, into EVERYTHING. You are not afraid to try anything. 7:09pm Happy Birthday!!!! {have your cake and eat it too!} #griffinjustin #happybirthday #oneyearold #5 #mybaby #cake #fox #swansoncasa
We celebrated your birthday with pizza and cake. It was loved by all. 4:59pm {dinner be prepared. Cake picked up. Ready to party! } #griffinjustin #happybirthday #oneyearold #mybaby #swansoncasa
You recieved a new wooden walker from your Dad and I. Stuffed fox and boat for the bath from Grandpa and Grandma Wojo, money from other Grandma{and great grandmas} your brothers got you a new book. Friends got you books, a puzzle, and another stuffed fox! :) What you loved most was having fun with your brothers! It was a fun day. 10:09pm { birth moment. Fast asleep. My sweet baby now considered a toddler, is still my sweet baby to me. Sleeping with his fox he got from his Grandma Wojo and Fox blanket from Grandma Swanson both gifts when he was born. My precious 5th boy. I cannot i
We love you so much Griffin Justin.
 xoxo MOM

Monday, August 19, 2013


Did I hear a niner in there?! { yeah, I'm refering to Tommy Boy, which is a movie we've all gotten a kick out of watching }

Next year is DOUBLE digits for you Max?!
 We are so proud of the young man you are becoming. This past summer you and your brothers spent a lot of time outside as well as building legos and
 It's been a crazy year so far, but you have done really well with all the changes in your life, and with us most likely moving before the years end your Dad and I are confident that you'll do great with helping us move and adjusting to a new place.
 You are such a helper to me, and you are the best older brother Ev, Liam, Dec and Griffin could ask for. You have a sweet spot for all of them and I'm thankful for the friendships you have formed with each of them.
We are so looking forward to you growing even more this year! You have just started club soccer and are loving it and we are glad to watch you develop in a sport you love.  You just started 4th grade last week and it's going to be a great one! 
We love you so much and we pray that your heart longs for Jesus and you desire to serve him.
love always,

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

back to school 2013 {max & ej}

Both a little sleepy, as they are not used to rising before 8, it was a chilly morning the first day of school for Max and Evan.
 Evan is in 2nd grade and his teacher is Mrs. Scott. Maxwell is in 4th grade, his homeroom teacher is Mrs. Burlew and he has different teachers for each subject throughout the day.
Looking forward to a great year for these two!

Friday, August 09, 2013


Evan is 7!
Hard to believe but you are 7 years old and you couldn't be more thrilled. You are definitely the one to get the most excited about your birthday. You talked about it for weeks before hand, and the week of you let everyone you met know it was your birthday week. 
You and Max are still the best of friends. You guys play together so well {most of the time} and you are into whatever Max is. {currently Lego Chima and Galaxy Squad...and of course POKEMON} You and Liam, you have your sweet moments together, but you mostly fight. You both are so strong willed and you love to push each others buttons. Declan and you get along great. You are a great helper with him but you ALWAYS love to help with Griffin. You are always wanting to hold him, show him off and make him laugh. And he adores you. 
You had a hard time deciding what you wanted for a cake, but in the end decided to go for a Packers cake. It turned out great! Your birthday landed on a Thursday, which is also the same night we have community group and we have been rotating homes this summer so this day it was at the Valentines. 
Sweet Aubrey made you a sign and put your initials on a plate for you. 
And the cake was delish, chocolate with chocolate mousse layers! Nice choice. 
Your Dad and I are so thankful for you. You have brought much laughter to our home. You also have been teaching us patience, you know what you want and sometimes have a hard time dealing with not getting what you want. It's a learning process for all of us! 
We are so thankful for your life, for your sweet smile, and giddy laugh. 
Thank you for teaching me new things, and helping me to grow as your Mom and as a daughter of Christ. I pray your heart longs for Jesus all your days as you seek to love and serve him.
Hooray for 7! Your best year yet!



 You turned 2 over two months ago, but I haven't been keeping up with blogging but I wanted to remember your special day.

Your Birthday was on a Saturday and after Evan's game we all kicked around a bit and you scored goal after goal :) 
You have brought SUCH joy to our family. You are so happy, always making us laugh, keeping us on our toes. 
Pocoyo was on cake.  A simple cartoon narrated by a Brit, you love that little boy and his animal friends.
We had some our friends the Valentines and Alexis over. A grand Mexican feast for dinner, followed by a water balloon fight. You loved it! It was a fun day and you had a smile on your face the whole time! You have the sweetest personality, and always want in on everything. We are SO incredibly thankful for you, our sweet 4th born boy!


Saturday, July 20, 2013

{11 years}

11 years. 2 moves and 5 boys. More in love than ever. Yeah, yeah I know people say that all the time. But it's true! I do fall more in love with Justin each year...and I didn't know that was even possible when we got married!! We had an awesome night out together at Saul Good {a great local place} with lots of laughter. The night wouldn't have ended right without a proper fight.  Just keeping it real. Followed by a few days of silent treatment {courtesy of me} we talked it out and back to happy as clams...until the next round. I'm not going to even pretend we have our crap together because we don't and honestly a good fight now and then feels good between two sinners. We really don't fight about much, it's pretty much the same things over and over and over and yeah it's old but we are figuring it out.
 SO, enough about that. I'm so grateful for this man I married. God has used him in my life to draw me to him. He is so patient and kind. So wise and giving.  Through there are hard days, in the end we always choose to love. Just as Christ loved us. We forgive, we try to do better. This is our commitment to each other.
Happy 11th anniversary Just. I'm thankful to be able to do life with you! love you. xoxo, Anne