Wednesday, February 28, 2007

To Infiniti and beyond....

First of all I have to preface this with this; I cannot believe that Beth posted about this very same thing. I began my post this morning but my blogged was "locked" because blogger is checking to see if really people are posting on blogs, blah, blah... so I had to save it as a draft until now. Anyway,check out her post here. She is so great!

So every once in awhile lil' ol' me needs a bit of a reality check.
Yes, moi'.
I sometimes get caught up in stupid things.
Stupid, I know.

I can justify buying almost anything. There have been plenty of times I have walked away from things but more so than not I tend to just go for it. I like to shop, this is a known fact.
I have had 6 strollers. Yes, I said 6. I have not bought any since Evan has been born, and I say that with a sense of accomlishment. I am seeing more and more that I will have to get a double stroller, even though I loathe the idea. Evan is getting heavy to carry in a bjorn or sling, and it is hard to manage Max that way. So, eventually.

Point is I had a travel system, jogger, two umbrella strollers and a really nice (and expensive) lightweight Peg Prego stroller. I have sold two umbrellas strollers, and donated the travel system but I still own three strollers. Do I even need three, no. But I have them. I always complain to myself about how much money we waste, people waste, but what about me? All those strollers were a waste. Granted people are using them still but I wasted our money on them all. Money that could have been much better spent, donated to missions, or just for other needs of ours, or even into a college fund for our boys.
Justin is VERY good at saving. He spends nothing. He puts gas in his car and eats out for lunch sometimes during the week. I am usually pretty good about consulting him before I buy things (unless it is tolietpaper or something like that).

He and I make a pretty good balance though.
This past week he has been calling me "Infiniti."
He thinks the name (which is the same name as the type of car I now drive) is suiting me well. Everytime I talk to him about buying something for our house, he says, " Not now Infiniti lady."
A good reminder to be content that I did just get a new car, and that things can wait. Because they are just things after all.

Grandma comes for a visit.

This past weekend, my Mom came to visit. She arrived a day late, due to good ol' airline issues but she got to stay an extra day instead. It was a fun visit, we even went downtown one day to the main library, that was cool! She also got to enjoy some clean ground as we have not a snowflake in sight compared to the many that are resting on the ground in Wisconsin!

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

boys room- wall two.

Another one of the four walls of the boys room. Of course things will be all switched around I am sure once we get Max his big boy bed. I swear I am not going to put those "Nodisms" all over my house, just in the boys bath and in their room. They are cute though! The chicken painting is an exclusive piece of art painted by Maxwell and Evans Aunt Jaimee (who is 8)! It is such a adorable painting! We love it! Now unto those last two walls!

Easy Peasy Cheesy Loaf

So it does not take a genius to think this up, but we have been enjoying it with our dinners lately so I thought I would share.

Buy frozen bread loaves. ( really good for making Calzones too!)
Spread some olive oil on your loaf.
Let thaw and rise for about 4 hours.
Wet a knife with some olive oil and slice your loaf almost in half, folding it open. Add some cheese blend. I like to add Mozzarella, fontina, and Monterrey jack, and cheddar with a little Italian seasonings. Fold loaf up and seal (leave small hole for air to escape). add a little Italian seasonings and mozzarella on top and bake at 375 for 15-20 min. Yum.

Really good with an Italian dish and some red wine. :)

Monday, February 19, 2007

my new ride.

Ok...for some reason I about died laughing at this cartoon, so I had to share.

Justin makes fun of me and that I laugh so easily at things.

So as most of you know we purchased a new car. I still feel sick about the whole thing(as wirh any big purchase..and the fact that our heating unit broke), but having a car is SO great. Not having one for about six months to having a really nice new one does have it's benefits. I also have always wanted a bigger car, and so I am enjoying it.
After lots and lots of research, and running out to test drive, advice from friends we narrowed our search down to two cars.
A Nissan Quest van (I really loved the Honda Odyssey too but there were only a few around and they were out of our price range...except for one but it had too many miles)
and a Infiniti Qx4.
We weighed the pros and cons of each ride and made our choice. Gas mileage was a biggie but they both got the same gas mileage. The Quest was calling my name;
"Anne, you swore you never would own a van, but now you know you need me, you want me, and I am yours. I am practical, convienent, and comfortable. You will grow to love me. I have become more attactive since 2002, and am now, sleek, stylish, and fun. Buy me!"

I swore I would never buy a van because I was always told that I would be a minvan mom, and for some reason loathed that idea. Also, both Justin and I grew up in families who had vans and so it made us not want one.
That Quest almost had me. I was liking the van, and Just was even buying into it, and he was even more against it then me at first. Then along came the Infiniti QX4. We took a few days to think about it, and decided on the Qx4. I actaully went in and worked on all the negotiations (since we did not want to bring the boys) and got it for a few thousand less than they were asking. The car has leather (which I do LOVE but it is just a added perk) but also has a DVD player which will be great for the boys when we go back to Wisconsin/Illinois to visit family and friends.

We are probably going to have at least one more child and so then we can get the van. Maybe. I don't really care for the super huge SUVs they are just too big, so then I suppose I will have to give in. I do have to admit they are beginning to look much more sleek than before... BUT, until then I am going to be enjoying my new ride.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Funny, Right? I laughed outloud.

Here is our week so far...

Monday...we got a new car. A good thing, I can now leave the house during the day and do errands and such instead of at night and on the weekends. But Monday night we noticed our heater pretty much sounded like an airplane was constantly flying over the house.

Our downstairs heater, needs to be replaced...a couple thousand dollars cost. Sigh.
We also remember (we thought if maybe we forgot the problem would go away) that our (brand new) water heater is not working. (No, we have not been taken cold showers; we have a seperate heater for our bathroom. ) The guy that came out to look at it was really sweet. He was probably in his 70's and was calling me honey and stuff. He was really helpful and even recommended and called a friend of his to come out and give us an estimate on the new heater and furnace. He told me to also call a few more people to get a few estimates on the job. He was a nice man, and he did not charge me a dime to come out and look at the heater, and he even checked out our water heater, and gave me some tips to make our heat run more effiecently. That was a good thing.
Which brings me back to Monday and the car...still good, but makes me sicker than I already felt (I always get that sick feeling after a big purchase) because now we are going to be shelling out thousands of dollars in the next few days.! I feel guilty for getting it since we have all these other expenses and just feel stupid. I have spent a good portion of today crying. I know that it is just money and that there are MUCH bigger things to worry and be upset about, but it is still stressful.

Needless to say I have been on the phone for endless amounts of hours trying to get this all worked out. There are some long stories behind all the problems too, but I will spare you the boring details...not that this post really is exciting or anything...but anyway.


On a good note though, I had an amazing quiet time this morning...God is so comforting, so awesome, so perfect. I am thankful to know him.

Happy Valentines Day

Happy the Skeets and the U.D.

Don and Peter at a family get-together.
Peter doing what he does best...

A big Happy Birthday to my brother Peter (18 years!) and my Uncle Don (29ish...ok we won't go there)! Love you both.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Growing up so fast. I cannot believe you are already six months old! I have not been very good at keeping a journal about your life so far, but I figured I would put an entry here.
You have gotten amazingly good at maneuvering wherever you would like to go. The other day you were playing in your exausaucer and it has this curved worm that has beads on it that you can move back and forth, and you always grab the curved plastic thing and suck on it. Well, I look over and you had snapped it off on one end. You have some serious muscles! Now you are working on that star (in the above picture).
You are so sweet in the mornings, smiling and chatting away. Who am I kidding you are always smiling. Laughing. You have the best little laugh. You have a lot of different laughs. I think one of my favorites is when you are eating some baby food. With every bite you eat it up and give a laugh of approval and joy that you finally get to have food like the rest of us!
Your brown hair is coming in thicker as days pass, I know around this time your brothers hair began to turn blond, will yours? I love to see those big brown eyes light up as you peek them out while you play with your blanket. Peek-a-boo is a great game...I have to agree. Your cheeks and legs beg to be squeezed, and you rumble with laughter every time someone does.
You adore your older brother and soak up every word he has to say. He loves to help out and has been pretty good about sharing his toys with you. I can already see your many differences which will be interesting as it unfolds as you both grow. Theses difference will challange you both, but help you both. I pray that you two will become close friends.
I think one of my favorite things you do is your signature Evan move. Your "knee slapper" as we call it. Whenever you get really excited you wave your arms (as most babys do) but then you usually get one arm going really good on your knee, like you had just heard the most hillarious joke. It is so cute when you do that.
You just woke up, and are chatting away to me, begging to play, so this is all I will get in for now. Before we know it you are going to be one and into your toddler years. I will miss these times but am so thankful to have them to begin with.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

the boys room- wall one.

This wall is not much of a wall since it contains two closets. Decorating a boys room, or any room for that matter is difficult. Difficult for me, because I cannot make decisions, and I don't want to have regrets. I always do though anyway. I have to get over it and just be happy. One thing I did decide, (and am happy with) was to have a colorful room for them. Lots of (primary) fun boyish colors. Oh yeah, and don't make fun of my disproportionate letters, they were done by freehand!

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

month one.

It is hard to believe we have been here just over a month. I have to admit it has gone by rather quickly. I have unpacked all but a few boxes (boxes of papers to be filed away...mostly my pack-rat husbands:) and even though there are not places for everything I would rather be staring at books stacked on the floor (because we have no shelves) than at brown Starbucks boxes. I saw enough of those when I worked there.
I met one of our neighbors the other day while outside. They are probably in their late 50's, (have children our age) and were really nice and welcoming. For buying a home sight unseen we have really been blessed in a wonderful neighborhood with a private park. Just beyond our fence and tree line there are horse farms, very beautiful horse farms. I have never thought of horses as a beautiful animal but I have a new appreciation for them since we have taken some beautiful drives around us.
Owning our first home has been interesting. Any problems are "our" problems whereas before we could just make a call to our landlord to come fix any problems we had. But there is definately a satasfaction to owning your own home, own lot, own space, not being attached to neighbors. Although, we have had some fun stories of neighbors who we could hear through our shared walls.
One of the best things about our new home is our master bath. It is beyond nice. The double head shower is great but the whirlpool tub...pure luxury. I feel very spoiled. Everytime we have used it, we always comment about how it feels like we are in a hotel. It is going to be hard when we move because more likely than not we will not have a bath like this.
Last night I got the oppurtunity to get about 20 minutes alone in the tub to relax. It was blissful. I don't ever feel like I need to "get away" from my boys for "me" time every week but I do get time to myself of course, but they are not usually planned and I really don't mind that. I guess it just makes me enjoy the moments I do get to myself all the more!

Sunday, February 04, 2007

the chikitas

Dancin' -Julia, Jaimee, Maxwell

Joelle & I enjoying some Kentucky goodness.

Maxwell & Jaimee playing trains

Julia & Evan relaxing.

Jaimee & Mom Jane - UK fans!

photos : courtesy of my MIL-Jane

This past week we had the privlage of having Justins Mom and three sisters come spend time with us and check out our new city. Unfortuantely that thing called "work" got in the way of Justin being around during the day but us gals and the little babu's had a blast together! We had plenty of Ketucky goodness to eat, and lots of laughs...lots of laughs. Always a good time together...we hope they come visit again soon! Yeah, we know, we will be back up to Wisconsin to visit soon too! :)

Da Bears!

Go BEARS! Win it all boys!

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Catching up with M.J. & E.J.

You know I have to be honest, there are days where I think to myself, "What am I doing here? How did I end up in Kentucky with no friends or family nearby (not to mention I have no car right now) with two young boys and no idea what to do?" I have always wanted to be a mother (who stayed at home), never wanted a high-profile career, but there are days where I think to myself ,(like the other day when Maxwell was sick and threw up all over himself and me while Evan cried) "Is this it?" I love being able to be home with my boys, we do have a lot of fun together and the good times way outweigh the stressful times. Just an attitude change is what I need, and to make some goals for my self. It is a new year after all, right?! Alright enough of that...Mondays are for complaining you know. Just in case you didn't now you do. I am an expert.

Now about these boys of mine. The boys have adjusted SO well to our new home here in Kentucky. I guess I did not know what to expect; I thought there would be more of an adjustment period, but they jumped right in and are doing really great.

Maxwell is now 2.5 years old. He is quite the toddler, and has been really a joy to have at this age. His fine blond hair and blue eyes are not what we pictured before we met him, but we would not want anything different. He has been working on his basketball skills with Daddy while following their favorite college team (the Fighting Illini...who are doing...well lets just say there have been better days for the Illini team) , and he spends time nearly everyday playing with his trains. He loves those trains. It is so fun to listen to him playing on his train table, his 2 year old imagination running wild.
"Percy, where is James? Go over bridge and to house."
"No, No! Look out Salty! Over there!"
He is pretty cute. I swore I would not have a three year old with a pacifier and so far we have weaned him off it during the day. He gets it at night when he goes to bed, but he has been showing signs of getting rid of it completely lately.
Then there is potty training. Two words.
Not Interested.
He is actually scared to sit on his "throne" we got him. No, I take that back he will sit on it with all his clothes on but once those pants come off, there is no way he is sitting on that thing. Sigh.
So, I am reading up on it, a lot of people say not to push it too hard on them but I am going to have to make out a plan to spend a hardcore week of potty-lovin. We will get it done, but for all my young Mom friends out there I am taking ideas, and books that were helpful to you.
I love hearing him get up in the morning and calling out for me or Justin. It is the sweetest sound. He is always willing to give a kiss and hug and never turns down playing with play-doh. His coloring skills are developing as his imagination is growing.
He is pretty compliant. I use the word pretty loosely. He will usually eat what is in front of him. But if you cut in the wrong way, touch it to the wrong food, he tends to lose it. I have noticed he has been copying (Just and I...or any adult for that matter) lately and so if it looks like ours he likes it. He loves his broccoli, yogurt and cheese and crackers. His food ALWAYS has to be in a bowl even if it is a cracker. He only likes certian sippy cups. He has a little of the Justin obssiveness in him. Sometimes he just loses it for no good reason. A toddler thing I guess, but he is a sweet boy for the most part.
We also have been working on memorizing Bible verses. John Piper put out a great little booklet for younger ones with shorter verses for them to memorize. He just repeats the verse after me at this point but he is learning!
When I begin cooking dinner he picks out a DVD; Thomas the Train, Dora the Explorer, and lately it has been Blues Clues (which I have to admit I find entertaining...I know it's sick) and sits on his pile of blankets (since we have no rug yet...rugs are hard to pick out!) with his brother Evan. They are both pretty enthralled with that blue puppy. :)
He is oh so sweet with Evan. When he cries he says; "oh, he's sad." and tries to console him with a pacifier. He is gentle around him and looks lovingly into his face and talks with him, and Evan adores it all. He soaks up every word that comes out of his older brothers mouth.

Speaking of Evan, I cannot believe how old this boy is! He is nearly six months old already! A week after we moved in I looked at him and wondered where the newborn had gone because now I had an infant. His big brown eyes are the best sight in the morning. He always wakes up so peaceful and smiles looking around for someone to "talk" to. He has these legs, that are beyond chubby...they are so fun to just squeeze! He giggles so hard when you do. His hair is coming in darker, much darker than Maxwell's blond that came in around this age. It is so interesting to compare the two and see how different they really are.
Evan loves to be constantly held, it is hard to get housework done with him around! But mostly I don't mind, because I know these times will be gone before I know it. When I do set him down he is rolling all over the room searching for things to grab and put in his mouth. Maxwell did not put anything in his mouth...never has, but Evan, he wants it all in there. Just the other night he was trying to stuff a newspaper Justin was reading in.
His smile is to die for, it really makes my days. He smiles so much his chubby cheeks must hurt!

It really is true how fast your children grow. Mine are not even that old yet but I know they will be off to college before I know it. Crazy to think about that! These are the days!