Wednesday, October 29, 2008

getting my bake on.

I'm trying to get better at decorating cakes and really I'm taking pictures to see how I progress (if I progress) with each project. These are for a baby shower I'm hosting tommorow night for a little baby boy named Aiden. They say practice makes perfect...but I'm pretty sure my practice will just make slightly less ugly.

all wrapped up and ready to go. I was going to do the whole cutely wrapped in ribbon for them all, but I got lazy...and I have cleaning to do...and chicken wraps to make!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Saving George.

...I never really understood or appreciated the value of money growing up. I never learned how to budget or save, which caught up with me later in life...
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Monday, October 27, 2008

Not Me Monday

Evan did NOT fake being sick to get out of the nursery Sunday at church. He did not cuddle up with the nursery worker and then sucker Justin into taking him out of the nursery.
He did not run around like a wild banchi after church either.

I most certiantly did not forget to put a diaper on correctly on Evan yesterday. It most certianly wasn't because I was eager to eat lunch and it was getting cold.
As a result of the incorrect diaper application he did not poop and wee-wee all over his legs, pants and on his chair.
I DID NOT have to open my car door to bend over and reach my cell phone because my belly is THAT big.
Maxwell did not cry like a huge baby yesterday when I told him he had to share his toolbox with Evan. He's so sweet like that.
I defrinately DID NOT leave laundry in the washing machine overnight...and thus my clothes DID NOT get that fun musky smell.
I DID NOT get two cramps last night and get up to pee 6 times because I drank two bottles of water. NOPE, not me.
And you DID NOT forget to take the, I mean QUESTIONNAIRE below. ( happy Josh? )
Praying for you, your family, and baby Stellan this week McKmama.

Friday, October 24, 2008

34 weeks.

On the way to the concert the other day we took a restroom break and as I was waiting for Justin to come out the girl working behind the counter at the establishment whose facilities we were using..without buying anything...gasp!!!...asked;
"So, 1 or 2?" At first I thought she was asking if there would be one or two of us dining with them...but soon realized as she was gazing at my swollen belly she meant the number of babies residing inside.
"Just one." I smiled. " I just have large babies"
I'd like to be clever enough to come up with some witty non-offensive response back, but no such luck.
I thought about asking her when she was due, you know how people do that to people who aren't even pregnant...I swear if that EVER happens to me, I'd die( I once witnessed someone ask someone else that who HAD A NEWBORN with them...come on people...WAKE UP!) ...but it was very clear this young (perfectly shaped body) girl was clearly not so I just kept my mouth shut.

I should have waited for Justin in the car.

I'm 34 weeks now...ready to go.
Especially ready since our friends Chad and Mel had their baby girl today! Yesterday afternoon, Chad dropped their firstborn Juliana off with us until her Grandparents arrived from Georgia, as Mel was admitted to the hospital. 2 am this morning I received a text that Adeline Carmichael had a whopping 6lbs 10z... I swear I could sneeze that size babe out. Congrats you guys. We love you and cannot wait to meet Addy later today.
SO,I think it's time to take a poll:
the winner will win a little something sweet from ANTRHOPOLOGIE. My most favorite store.
Here's a little info to help you out. My original due date was December 10, but at my ultrasound at 20 weeks and since then my Dr. has said according to all the measurements the due date looks more like December 3.
Maxwell : was two weeks overdue, induced, and he was c-sectioned...weighing 10lbs. 1 0z. Labor time: 36 hours.
Epidural: heck yeah.
Evan: a week early, my water broke, and I had him naturally...he weighed 8lbs. 8oz. Labor time: 16 hours.
Epidural: tried to. Didn't take.
So here's the poll:
1. When will he be born?
2. What time will he be born?
3. Will I get an epidural (and will it work if I do?)?
4.Will we have a name picked out by delivery this time?
5.How big will he be?



Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Today, Justin and I are off to Clevland, Ohio to see COLDPLAY! They definately rank in the top 5 bands for both of us. We fell in love the same year they got together as a group. 1998. What a year :)
We'll arrive around 4, check into our hotel (right across from the venue!), have dinner (alone...just the two of us!!) and then head to the concert!! We are both pretty estatic!
I was thinking it'd be pretty fun to go into labor after the concert, we'd so have to incorporate Coldplay into this boy's name somehow.
Maybe Justin will lock eyes again with Chris Martin. Of course our seats are not as good as last time. (story: In 2005 we went to a Coldplay concert and sat about 5 rows from the stage...pretty sweet seats, and at the end of the show Justin is convinced that Chris Martin pointed at him and they locked eyes. He seemed to be the only one who noticed out of our group of 6, but anyway...they have a special bond now. ) But I go along with it.

Monday, October 20, 2008

er, total moronic moment

So, I went to fill up Justin's car today for our trip tomorrow...yep, just the two of us! Hooray!(more details in to come)
I went to the gas station closest to our house, popped open the gas tank, inserted the credit card, selected my fuel of choice and pressed the pump on. No go. I repeated as many steps as I could and after a few more at temps went in to tell the attendant. Mind you I've had issues at this place in the past, I cannot figure out this place for the life of me...or maybe I had the same problem the other times...I'm starting to think that's the case.
ANYWAY, I go in and tell the guy I can't get my pump to work.
"Uh, did you lift the black lever?"
"Yeah I think so, I'll try again." I chuckled and darted back out the door, face red...DUH! Um, NO I haven't lifted a lever since 1999. I'm used to the new machines, buddy.
Man, I'm an idiot.
Total moronic moment. AND, to top it off I looked like I'd just come from the gym...except for the fact that I have a ginormous belly and had wellies on.
This kid has to come soon, because he's sucking out my brain cells.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Organized Chaos?... in a totally random post

I recently read an article put out by Real Simple, "Clean Your House In 19 Minutes " and in the end I had to laugh. Sure, I got the concept and it was a practical useful article, but even after those 19 minutes a day I still don't feel like I'm in a clean least maybe my crazy definition of clean.
I was told of a woman who spends four (yes, 4!) hours a day doing heavy cleaning. Sorry but that's never happening. EVER. I have to admit, I find a huge satisfaction in cleaning my floors on my hands and knees, having a clean sink, and putting the laundry in the dryer before they get that nasty musky smell, but four hours of hardcore cleaning a day...I. don't. think. so.
Anyway, here is my dilemma. You know when you move to a new place you get all pumped...well I do...about having a clean slate to work with and to be super orgnanized and blissful. It's all fun a great when you are first there, and you think you are all good to go, and then you realize (well I realize) that I'm shoving things that don't really have a place into a closet here, a drawer there, and thus...chaos.
Look, I HATE clutter. I'd like to think my home is mostly clutter free. I cannot even tell you how many times I've caught Justin in our garbage fishing "perfectly good items" out. Now, if I think an item is perfectly fine and I have no use for it any longer I will give it to goodwill or somebody else who needs it, I only throw away garbage.
The problem these days is, that we have no basement. No real place for extra storage. How much extra storage space does one really need though? If you have boxes upon boxes of stuff that never sees the light of day, what's the point of keeping it? I mean I have holiday decor and such packed away in the garage, but do I have too much other random items? I'd like to think no.
So why is it my cleaning list never seems to end? Sure I get that sweeping the floors eight times a day is going to happen no matter what...especially with boys in the house, but I always feel like I have an area or two that is just too full, needs some help and is always on my list.
So, do I care too much, or am I really disorganized??? I can't figure it out. Is my chaos really organized after all? Oh, the drama.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Juliana Piper Mondragon.

Yesterday, I went over to Chad & Mel's to take some pictures of their sweet baby girl, Juliana...who really is not so much a baby anymore. I'll be posting more here.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Rockin' Quilt!

33 weeks...a new do...and still sane???

I'm a spur of the moment haircut kinda girl. I got my hair-cut on Saturday and came home to a giggling husband. He always does that. He's so weird. Anyway, I took a shower and low and behold I had a mullet. A real nice one...I considered packing our bags and heading to southern Kentucky landing at the first trailer park we hit...but instead I opted to go back and get it fixed. I think it's MUCH better, although I'm not sure I like it. Anyway...33 weeks this week folks...woot-woot! check out that's HUGE!

artsy fartsy.

joyful that the mullet is gone.


serious and black and white.



Tuesday, October 07, 2008

my boys.

In just a 8 (give or take) weeks, I will (God willing) be holding my third baby boy. It's hard for me to even believe that I'm having my third child, didn't we just get married? Life sure does fly doesn't it?
Maxwell and Evan are so different, and I wonder if baby boy #3 will be a mixture of the two. While Max is more shy and reserved Evan is willing and does pretty much anything. Maxwell sticks to one project and something he knows Mommy will approve of and is safe. Evan on the other hand is making some sort of diving pad, smearing some yogurt or smashing some cheerios into a rug to create some fun little side cleaning jobs for me. Nice of him isn't it?
It's starting to set in though that soon I will have three boys. I'm anxious yes, but also very excited. Sure there are times I want to rip my hair out, but most of the time these boys make me laugh. It is so fun to watch them grow as their personalities develop. It's a joy seeing Evan trying to count to ten, and answer Max as he asks what letter macaroni begins with and then repeats something like, " Yeah, M just like M as in Monkey." I never knew what a kick I'd get out of such things! They truly are a gift from God, and I see how he has used them both to change me for the better.
Just this morning Maxwell "read" a simple word book to Evan. It was so sweet. Brotherly love. I can't get enough.
I love these guys, and can't wait to meet my third baby boy!

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Evans Orchard.

Today we went to Evans (yes Evans!) Orchard with some friends. The place was packed, but we had fun nonetheless!Evan & Juliana ready to go!

our crew.

where's Keith?

that's just sick.

Justin doesn't mess around when it comes to apple picking.

The Willens.
The Walters.



oh boy.

Max, Juliana, & Evan. What cuties! :)

Thursday, October 02, 2008

"...there's no I in 'team'. There is a me, though, if you jumble it up."

Thanks to Chad and Mel, I'm WAY addicted to this show. It's the only show I care about now. Well that and Project Runway because I've always watched Project Runway.
Anyway, this show KILLS me. He is hillarious. I've only been addicted since Sunday when we watched 2 episodes at their house but I'm so hooked, and made sure I tuned in for the new season which airs on Tuesdays. If you didn't get the hint, I'm a little stoked about this show.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Fall 2008: tour of homes.


Maybe my little scarecrow guy could scare some of my weeds away.

This weeked we're off to an orchard for some appples and more pumkins for the porch with some friends. Woot-woot! Get out the flannel and overalls!