Monday, October 13, 2008

33 weeks...a new do...and still sane???

I'm a spur of the moment haircut kinda girl. I got my hair-cut on Saturday and came home to a giggling husband. He always does that. He's so weird. Anyway, I took a shower and low and behold I had a mullet. A real nice one...I considered packing our bags and heading to southern Kentucky landing at the first trailer park we hit...but instead I opted to go back and get it fixed. I think it's MUCH better, although I'm not sure I like it. Anyway...33 weeks this week folks...woot-woot! check out that's HUGE!

artsy fartsy.

joyful that the mullet is gone.


serious and black and white.




Lauren W said...

Oh yeah, I've totally accidentally gotten a mullet before, except in my case, only the right side of my head was a mullet. The left was normal. It was not a cute look for me. Anyway... I'm loving the new 'do!

Les said...

Love it Anne-- cute w/ the headband!

A to the llison said...

re: the last picture title, i think you look CRAZY in all of the pictures!! hahahaaaaa :) i bet house would have some good comment right now....

CUTE BELLY and I'm glad you got rid of the mullet! I mean Juliana's mullet was bad enough, I couldn't stand for two homegirls to have mullets! :)

Anonymous said...

Love the headband, love the shirt, love you in the color green! The hair is cute, but I know what you mean. I felt like that the last time I got my hair done (in June). It always hinges on how YOU style it, not the stylist! :)

Chad said...


Anonymous said...


Kim said...

You are killing me with all those faces, you are one funny girl! And the mullet, I think we've all had bad haircuts in the past (and my husband is weird too for the record.)

Happy 33 weeks!

Mom Jane said...

Oh Anne, I'm sorry for laughing with Justin over the "mullet" but I just couldn't help it, knowing how much you two joke around about them.
Anyway, the 're-cut' is darling and you look so great in green.
But I really would have loved to have seen THE mullet!
~mom jane

Joelle says said...

You look so cute in this pregnancy!
Join the mullet club, I've had one before, remember?!

Ashleigh said...

Anne, what a fun post! Love your sense of humor.

Cute hair, by the way!

anne said... word:

Anonymous said...

Your eyes match your shirt! You look cute, Anne.

Zoe said...

Looking Good! You crack me up with all the looks...where is cold steel (Zoolander)?

Megan said...

oh, i want to see the mullet!

i got mine cut on friday night! we're like, scissor buddies...right??

you do look cute, though!!!


Alison said...

You are beyond adorable! And I can't believe you live in Lexington--we lived in Wilmore 2 years ago. Did we miss you guys? Could we have hung out? CRAZY!