Saturday, October 04, 2008

Evans Orchard.

Today we went to Evans (yes Evans!) Orchard with some friends. The place was packed, but we had fun nonetheless!Evan & Juliana ready to go!

our crew.

where's Keith?

that's just sick.

Justin doesn't mess around when it comes to apple picking.

The Willens.
The Walters.



oh boy.

Max, Juliana, & Evan. What cuties! :)


Anonymous said...

How fun! BTW, do you cut your boys' hair? I love their little "bowl" cuts. Any tips? The boys have yet to have their first cut, but I'd love to cut it like your boys.

Bethany said...

So cute looks like fun. The rotten apple is sick. HEE HEE. I love apple picking too. I am jealous you all have so much fall. We had rain this weekend which made it finally feel a little fall like. I gotta get out of the city and to the mountains for some apple and pumpkin picking too.

Love your little sunflowers.


DAD said...

Looks like fun but aren't those picture taken with a hot Sony camera ?

Zoe said...

Looks like a good time, I wish we had an apple orchard some where near by...

mom jane said...

Oh so cute! Way to go Justin, reach for the top! Looks like a wonderful time.
~mom jane

Megan said...

oh, you all had some good old fashioned fun!


Ashleigh said...

How fun! Looks like a great time! We were going to go apple picking, but the farm here lost all their apples due to a freeze in the Spring.

By the way, Anne, you look great!