Monday, October 27, 2008

Not Me Monday

Evan did NOT fake being sick to get out of the nursery Sunday at church. He did not cuddle up with the nursery worker and then sucker Justin into taking him out of the nursery.
He did not run around like a wild banchi after church either.

I most certiantly did not forget to put a diaper on correctly on Evan yesterday. It most certianly wasn't because I was eager to eat lunch and it was getting cold.
As a result of the incorrect diaper application he did not poop and wee-wee all over his legs, pants and on his chair.
I DID NOT have to open my car door to bend over and reach my cell phone because my belly is THAT big.
Maxwell did not cry like a huge baby yesterday when I told him he had to share his toolbox with Evan. He's so sweet like that.
I defrinately DID NOT leave laundry in the washing machine overnight...and thus my clothes DID NOT get that fun musky smell.
I DID NOT get two cramps last night and get up to pee 6 times because I drank two bottles of water. NOPE, not me.
And you DID NOT forget to take the, I mean QUESTIONNAIRE below. ( happy Josh? )
Praying for you, your family, and baby Stellan this week McKmama.


Katie said...

I think that picture is the icing on the cake! He looks like you would be the one to do something like that!

Pam said...

I didn't leave any laundry in mine for two days! And I didn't decide to ignore the smell of it all!!


Allison said...

Hugs :) Keith and I are still laughing about the "diaper" story!!!

Ashley Griffin said...

i have never left clothes in the washer... several times. nor have i ever washed a peepee pullup in the washer either... twice :)

Kim said...

Amen, sister! Happy belated MckMonday! Our kids are definitely one in the same, it must be a second born thing.