Monday, October 20, 2008

er, total moronic moment

So, I went to fill up Justin's car today for our trip tomorrow...yep, just the two of us! Hooray!(more details in to come)
I went to the gas station closest to our house, popped open the gas tank, inserted the credit card, selected my fuel of choice and pressed the pump on. No go. I repeated as many steps as I could and after a few more at temps went in to tell the attendant. Mind you I've had issues at this place in the past, I cannot figure out this place for the life of me...or maybe I had the same problem the other times...I'm starting to think that's the case.
ANYWAY, I go in and tell the guy I can't get my pump to work.
"Uh, did you lift the black lever?"
"Yeah I think so, I'll try again." I chuckled and darted back out the door, face red...DUH! Um, NO I haven't lifted a lever since 1999. I'm used to the new machines, buddy.
Man, I'm an idiot.
Total moronic moment. AND, to top it off I looked like I'd just come from the gym...except for the fact that I have a ginormous belly and had wellies on.
This kid has to come soon, because he's sucking out my brain cells.


Ashleigh said...

I did that about a year ago. It was late evening and raining. I tried three different pumps at the gas station and finally went inside and asked, "Do any of your pumps work?" Turns out I needed to lift the black handle. I felt pretty stupid.

Anonymous said...

I've done that before too. Once you get used to the newer ones you forget how to use the older ones!

Chad said...

ohhh, look who is smart? not you!

Megan said...

it IS nice to have a legitimate pregnancy card to play... and then it turns to a newborn-sleep-deprived card, and then you're just back to my status, having to say you trully are just a moron... i seem to have a lot of those moments...