Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Liam, is by far our most stubborn child. Ev runs a close second but Liam is the ultimate winner. The whining the child can do....Emmy worthy. This year we put Liam in pre-school three days a week. Justin was pretty unsure about the whole idea, and with good reason. The child would have a complete meltdown EVERY SiNGLe Sunday, no matter how much we prepped him, feed him, put him to bed earlier, there was no change. Until Preschool. Monday again :) He attends Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 9-12. His teachers are very sweet, and the best part is I drive up, they unload him and his backpack and sign him in. Is a great system. The first week was rough, lots of tears and and melting as his teacher literally took him out of the car. Week two, Monday morning I pull up, he takes off his seatbelt, grabs his backpack and is out the door before I realize what is actually happening. My little boy grew up a little. I was proud. And it's been bliss ever since. He will have a few mornings where he will protest school before we leave the house but by the time we arrive to school he is ready to go! He even has his best bud, Lawson that he apparently plays pirates with a lot on the playground ship with. And you know what else? No more tears in Sunday mornings. He walked into church and Just and I lead him to his class and in he goes....willingly! It's been great, and with baby number 5 arriving in less than 7 weeks I am glad that he will have school during the week to go to while we adjust to the new baby and transistion Declan ( who will only be 17 Months!!) from babyhood.

Friday, September 14, 2012

{front hall}

This project was actually started about 6 months ago...and completed about a month ago. Woopsie...but love the finished product! :) Before:
After: Untitled

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

some major nesting.

I'm 31 weeks and nesting has Definately settled in, big time.This afternoon I had some time to redo these chairs we had gotten off the curb years ago when we lived in Madison. I like how they turned our, mat be sick of them TJs time next year but dot under $10 can't beat this project! We have had 2 of these chairs for years... Got them off the curb when we lived in  Madison... Finally did something with them!!