Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Evan likes to pretend he is in Mario and Luigi. He wears these gloves...a lot. I think it's one battle not worth fighting, only because it's pretty cute, not to mention hilarious.
And then there is Max, with his necklaces. One is "important" and the other is his "favorite". One is just a UK lanyard that he put key chains on {he has quite a collection of key chains}, the other is a chain he got at school for passing reading tests, and each time he completes a certain number of points he gets a tag...and he insists on wearing them everyday. I've convinced him to take the weekends off, finally.

Well, I suppose Liam can usually be seen with this thing in his mouth. We are working on saying bye-bye to the paci PERMANENTLY though.
4.6.2011 023

Friday, April 22, 2011

reflecting on HIM.

"If you love me, you will keep my commandments. And I will ask the Father, and he will give you Another helper, to be with you forever, even the Spirit of truth, whom the world cannot receive because it neither sees nor knows him. You know him, for he dwells with you and will be in you."-John 14:15-17

Approaching Easter, I'm once again thankful to God for the GREATEST gift, his Son whom he gave to us that we might be saved.
This year though, I've been thinking beyond that wonderful gift. It's all good to be thankful for that precious gift of Jesus, but it's also should be much more than that. While it's true there is nothing we can do to earn God's favor, I'm realizing the importance of living the gospel in my life each day. Each day preaching the gospel to myself that I might live as a light for him.
We've been working through a few studies in our church body, about the mission of the church. It has not only been eye opening to me, but in this day and age so refreshing, and needed. The commitment to Christ, along with support and love of our church body has changed Just and has taught us to love more, serve more, and as the result has strengthened our relationship{s} with Christ.
My prayer as we continue on in this world is that we would seek the Holy Spirit as our helper and guide {John 14} as we seek to live as Christ lived while here on earth. That each day we would die to ourselves, our desires, and seek to serve others, to live in a way that brings ALL glory and honor to Christ and draw others to him.

Phew, easier said than done!

"Rightly may we pray for ourselves that we may have God's blessing and mercy and the light of his countenance -not that we may then monopolize His grace and bask in the sunshine of His favour, but that others may see in us His blessing, and His beauty, and be drawn to him through us...True , the gospel lacks visibility if we merely preach it, and lacks credibility if we who preach it are interested only in souls and have no concern about the welfare of people's bodies, situations, and communities. Yet the reason for our acceptance of social responsibility is not primarily in order to give the gospel either a visibility or a creditability it would otherwise lack, but rather simple uncomplicated compassion. Love has no need to justify itself. It merely expresses itself in service whenever it sees a need." -John Stott.

Thank you Lord for sending your son!

"...the universe was created for the glorification of God’s grace at Calvary, echoing through eternity in the Christ-exalting joys of the redeemed." - J. Piper

Monday, April 11, 2011

dino cupcakes?

last Saturday afternoon.
Liam had big plans for dino cupcakes.
goofy boy.

home sweet home

Back in 2008 I posted pictures of our guest room. It has changed twice since then...nothing drastic, but here is what it looked like up until about a month ago.
..and here she is now. { HOORAY, we bought a bed frame and all the people we've had stay with us have given us rave reviews on it's comfort level} come visit us!

Thursday, April 07, 2011

on two wheels.

After a few lessons. a few with Dad. a few with Grandpa Wojo.

And wallah! On two wheels he rode.

And Loving it!