Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Evan likes to pretend he is in Mario and Luigi. He wears these gloves...a lot. I think it's one battle not worth fighting, only because it's pretty cute, not to mention hilarious.
And then there is Max, with his necklaces. One is "important" and the other is his "favorite". One is just a UK lanyard that he put key chains on {he has quite a collection of key chains}, the other is a chain he got at school for passing reading tests, and each time he completes a certain number of points he gets a tag...and he insists on wearing them everyday. I've convinced him to take the weekends off, finally.

Well, I suppose Liam can usually be seen with this thing in his mouth. We are working on saying bye-bye to the paci PERMANENTLY though.
4.6.2011 023

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Dad said...

Liam looks a bit apprehensive.