Tuesday, May 06, 2014

a note to my EJ

    Tonight I had a conference with your second grade teacher, Mrs. Scott.

She said you are a joy to have in class, that you are a leader, that you participate well, and have great potential, with a little pushing and motivation, she thinks you have a wonderful future ahead of you.

But the thing she said, that made my heart burst, was when she described you as a very humble boy. She said you are always willing to help others, and that even when you understand something you will help others to understand. There are two kids in your class who have Autism {one who is low functioning} and you never act like you are above them and are always willing to work with them.
This makes my Mama heart so proud.
  I am glad you see all people as equal, that though we may look different, act different, and learn different, we all have purpose. You are such a social boy, and I love that you love all people. I pray as you grow older you maintain this mindset and are always willing to help, care and love others with the humble spirit you have today.

Love you so much.