Sunday, December 02, 2012

Happy Birthday Liam! {4}

Liam, 4 years old! wowsers!!! You are growing into quite the boy. You are one stubborn boy many times, you let the littlest thing upset you but we are learning together to deal with each other and with life. :)
You have a VERY tender side. Very polite and sweet. Telling me your brothers are your best friends...melts my heart. I love that you love deeply, even when you don't always act that way. Part of growing up I suppose.
You are pretty obsessed with Mario, Sonic, and anything wii. When people come over you always feel the need to say we all should play. I think maybe it's your way to bring everybody together and something all will enjoy. You also are VERY into play-doh and playing imaginary play with mini figures you guys have collected over the years. You ADORE Griffin, you are so sweet and protective of Declan, you take such good care of him. You and Evan are at each others throat most of the time these days but you do have times were you really get along and laugh a lot with each other. Max is very good to you, lets you play with him and you really look up to him. Happy 4th Birthday my 3 born son! xoxo love you.