Monday, June 30, 2008

farmer's market & downtown.

Saturday morning the boys and I went to the farmer's market and walked around downtown while Daddy (& Uncle Jordan who is living with us this summer) slept in. Maxwell wanted his picture taken at every doorway we walked past. It was hot, but a blast!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

It's real life.

Today I join Megan in It's real life. I thought it would be fun to do. So here are my snapshots.

1. Curb Appeal. notice my non-existent potted plants on the porch that I love dearly.

2. Junk Drawer.

No junk drawer...but I do have a junk shelf...or more like junk cabinet.

3. From whence I blog.

I love our kitchen nook. Should I paint the table black or white? I can't decide.

3. Favorite jewelry.

Ok well my favorite jewelry is really my engagement ring, but I refuse to take a picture of my hand...I hate hand pictures. So this necklace is my second fav. I get so many compliments on it!

5. best feature.

I hate to be lame here, but I'm gonna go ahead and copy Megan on this one. I too think my best feature is having Jesus. For when others see his work in my life, how I am because of who he is, it brings out the best in me. Christ does that! What a great gift!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

the best gifts.

I recieved this scrumptious gift about a month ago. I love it. It rocks.
My Aunt Sue made it for Justin and I, and I love it. I cherish it. It means so much to me to have a quilt made from her.So awesome right? Don't you love the strips at the top? So rockin'

the cool isn't it?

Thank you Sue.
I love you!

Monday, June 23, 2008

excuse the potty language...

Maybe we'd respect the toliet more if they were more like this...doubtful, but maybe.

DISCLAIMER: If you find the talk of toliets offensive I suggest you refrain from reading this post.

Here's the thing, public bathrooms are gross.
But do they have to be SO gross?
I remember walking into a bathroom once and turned right around and walked away as quick as I could. I swear there was a minor explosion in there.
On vacation a few weeks ago I walked into 3 of the 4 stalls before I found an acceptable toliet.
I have to say I've never complained to the management about nasty toliets but I'm beginning to think I should.They always have those signs in the restrooms stating something like, " If you find these restrooms unacceptable please let us know."
I almost always do find them "unacceptable"
Listen, I don't spend each day scrubbing the toliets in my house, but nobody in my home seems to have a problem (for the most part) doing thier business into the toliet...and I live with all boys.
Nobody who has visited my home has had a minor explosion.
I just would like to meet one of these people who, for lack of a better phrase, "let it all out" and then some. Look, I'll be honest I've heard some people in obvious pain in the stall next to me before. I also know that I myself have had an emergency situation but even then I manage to leave the toliet the way I found it.
We all know the port-a-potty has a bad rep. but we expect that.
Why has the public toliet gone so downhill?
Maybe it's just that people don't have respect for property that is not their own. Perhaps they save their nasty business for the public so they don't have to clean it up at home.
People clog toliets with baby wipes...not supposed to flush those people!
Woman do who knows what with their items at that time of the month...come on ladies!
I don't get it.
All I know is I've had it.
Respect the toliet people.
Respect the toliet.
Vent of the day now over. Happy Monday!

Friday, June 20, 2008

The Fourth Bear: A Nursery Crime.

Ever wonder why Momma and Poppa Bear slept in separate beds? Or the real reason Goldilocks was in the house that morning? Or why, if the three bowls of porridge were poured at the same time from the same pot, each of them was at a different temperature?
In Jasper Fforde's "The Fourth Bear" is not only crazy and perhaps a little insane it will bring you many chuckles and out loud laughter. It is the second book book in the nursery crime series although I think "The Fourth Bear" is worth reading alone and you certainly do not have had read "The Big Over Easy" to enjoy it.
Jack Spratt is the detective in charge of the Nursery Crime Division and the main character of our story, deals with all crimes that are related to PDRs -Persons of Dubious Reality(characters from nursery rhymes). Jack's popularity in the press plummets down after his division fails to prevent the wolf from swallowing Granny and Little Red Riding Hood, and Jack is soon in an enforced "rest" period -with his sanity called into question. But when the evil and sadistic psychotic murderer The Gingerbread Man escapes from the asylum Jack won't let his "rest" time stop him. He and his partner Mary Mary, along with the help of binary-speaking alien, Ashley, are determined to solve this case making Briggs (Jack's boss) look like an idiot by solving the case themselves. It's all to do with bears, the missing journalist named Goldilocks, and an unexpected secret that lies beneath the growing of gigantic cucumbers. Yes, cucumbers! One of my favorite parts of the story has to do with Jack's newly purchased car, which seems to repair itself and whose odometer is running backwards! Yes, backwards!
Loved this book, and you will too!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

aurelia & annalise

Got these cutie patooties off of Etsy(three cheers for Etsy!)...and if I don't have a girlie, someone is getting some great shoes.

Friday, June 13, 2008

back from paradise?

monday. 6.09.2008 - self portrait.

tuesday 6.4.2008- sunday 6.08.2008
julia. joelle. anne.

yep. It rained and stormed for most of our holiday. But we still had fun. More pics to come.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

going away on a holiday...

We will be on holiday( I say holiday for coolness effect...sounds so much cooler than vacation) for the next week. Can't wait to get there...pray our flights all go smoothly. We will be on our annual trip with Justin's family on lake Michigan...on our very own private beach. It is pure bliss. Meanwhile enjoy these chubby legs from last years trip. Don't you just want to squeeze them?!

Monday, June 02, 2008


At the end of this summer you will be four years old. It really is, unbelievable. You have really grown this past year. From random words to full on sentences you have become quite the young boy.
I love that your my oldest. While you are very reserved and apprehensive, you also show great care and concern for others. You are very observant and on the lookout for those in need. Makes me wonder what kind of future your life holds. Perhaps you'll be a Doctor as you love to care for others. Perhaps a chef as you pay attention do detail and love to help me in the kitchen. Maybe a professional skater as you recently have developed a love for skateborading.
You still are in love with playing cars. It is a daily occurance you get them out and line them up. Your love for them has rubbed off on your little brother too. I love when you two play together with all your cars lined up. Usually once a day you two end up in some sort of scabble over them, usually resulting in you two grabbing one anothers shoulders and Evan trying to get a bite in.
For the most part though, you get along.
You love the outdoors...but not the bugs. You and Evan can spend hours in the yard playing in the sandbox, baseball, soccer, golf, and riding your bikes all over. It is fun to watch you two enjoy the outdoors for so long and come in with red sweaty faces begging for some water to drink.
As I mentioned before, you recently developed a love for skateboarding. Your friend Nathaniel LOVES Tony Hawk and has rubbed off on you. His older brother Wynn is really into it, and he practiced a bit when we were over at thier house there a few weeks ago.
This summer I signed you up for swimming lessons which I have to admit I'm a bit nervous about. You have always been a bit leary about the pool. You love going in, about waist deep, but never have stuck your face in. I hope the experience is good so I can continue to send you each summer to learn to swim.
What I love most about you is your sweetness. If Evan gets hurt, you are always there to help him in whatever way you can. You comfort him, and speak kind words. You usually listen to Daddy and I very well, and do what we ask of you. Your not perfect, but we love the boy you are becoming. We hope and pray that you would long for and love a Savior who loves you much more than your Daddy and I ever could.
Love you Maxwell Jared.