Thursday, June 26, 2008

It's real life.

Today I join Megan in It's real life. I thought it would be fun to do. So here are my snapshots.

1. Curb Appeal. notice my non-existent potted plants on the porch that I love dearly.

2. Junk Drawer.

No junk drawer...but I do have a junk shelf...or more like junk cabinet.

3. From whence I blog.

I love our kitchen nook. Should I paint the table black or white? I can't decide.

3. Favorite jewelry.

Ok well my favorite jewelry is really my engagement ring, but I refuse to take a picture of my hand...I hate hand pictures. So this necklace is my second fav. I get so many compliments on it!

5. best feature.

I hate to be lame here, but I'm gonna go ahead and copy Megan on this one. I too think my best feature is having Jesus. For when others see his work in my life, how I am because of who he is, it brings out the best in me. Christ does that! What a great gift!


Megan said...

1. your house is adorable!

2. i of course love my wedding rings the most, but totally avoided taking a picture of my hand too- i always think it looks chubby in pictures, and i wasn't havin it.

3. i DO like that necklace- it's dangerous to look, but, there are a ton of super cute ones on etsy....


Ashleigh said...


katie said...

So fun. I love that necklace, it is so pretty.

Dana said...

Hand pictures are BAD!
Fun post!

Katie said...

paint it black! I would paint it black. This is a fun post... I have so many junk spots I wouldn't be able to post them all!

Bethany said...

So fun.

PS I say black too. I paint EVERYTHING black now. Heard you should have something black in every room as a design tip but really I just do it because it doesn't show fingerprints or grime or dirt as much. The black stuff does get dusty but I am sure your table won't have that problem since you use it. Plus those chairs would look REALLY COOL BLACK. You could probably scuff them up and spray paint.

Love your bloggin place by the way. Mine is a desk in the dining room that is NEVER tidy and always a mess. HEE HEE.