Sunday, December 02, 2012

Happy Birthday Liam! {4}

Liam, 4 years old! wowsers!!! You are growing into quite the boy. You are one stubborn boy many times, you let the littlest thing upset you but we are learning together to deal with each other and with life. :)
You have a VERY tender side. Very polite and sweet. Telling me your brothers are your best friends...melts my heart. I love that you love deeply, even when you don't always act that way. Part of growing up I suppose.
You are pretty obsessed with Mario, Sonic, and anything wii. When people come over you always feel the need to say we all should play. I think maybe it's your way to bring everybody together and something all will enjoy. You also are VERY into play-doh and playing imaginary play with mini figures you guys have collected over the years. You ADORE Griffin, you are so sweet and protective of Declan, you take such good care of him. You and Evan are at each others throat most of the time these days but you do have times were you really get along and laugh a lot with each other. Max is very good to you, lets you play with him and you really look up to him. Happy 4th Birthday my 3 born son! xoxo love you.

Wednesday, November 07, 2012


 Griffin JustinNovember 6,2012 10:09 PM 8lbs. 9oz.
  5 boys !!!
It's official!
 ! We have 5 boys!! We are smitten.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Liam, is by far our most stubborn child. Ev runs a close second but Liam is the ultimate winner. The whining the child can do....Emmy worthy. This year we put Liam in pre-school three days a week. Justin was pretty unsure about the whole idea, and with good reason. The child would have a complete meltdown EVERY SiNGLe Sunday, no matter how much we prepped him, feed him, put him to bed earlier, there was no change. Until Preschool. Monday again :) He attends Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 9-12. His teachers are very sweet, and the best part is I drive up, they unload him and his backpack and sign him in. Is a great system. The first week was rough, lots of tears and and melting as his teacher literally took him out of the car. Week two, Monday morning I pull up, he takes off his seatbelt, grabs his backpack and is out the door before I realize what is actually happening. My little boy grew up a little. I was proud. And it's been bliss ever since. He will have a few mornings where he will protest school before we leave the house but by the time we arrive to school he is ready to go! He even has his best bud, Lawson that he apparently plays pirates with a lot on the playground ship with. And you know what else? No more tears in Sunday mornings. He walked into church and Just and I lead him to his class and in he goes....willingly! It's been great, and with baby number 5 arriving in less than 7 weeks I am glad that he will have school during the week to go to while we adjust to the new baby and transistion Declan ( who will only be 17 Months!!) from babyhood.

Friday, September 14, 2012

{front hall}

This project was actually started about 6 months ago...and completed about a month ago. Woopsie...but love the finished product! :) Before:
After: Untitled

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

some major nesting.

I'm 31 weeks and nesting has Definately settled in, big time.This afternoon I had some time to redo these chairs we had gotten off the curb years ago when we lived in Madison. I like how they turned our, mat be sick of them TJs time next year but dot under $10 can't beat this project! We have had 2 of these chairs for years... Got them off the curb when we lived in  Madison... Finally did something with them!!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Max {turns 8!}

Max, Hard to believe you are eight...just a mere two years until DOUBLE DIGITS!!! This year you will be in 3rd grade!!! You asked for a LEGO Ninjago cake as you {and Evan} are currently obsessed with everything NINJA...and LEGO. Untitled I made the cake and the Ninjago print with your name was an ETSY find. Love that site and the cake turned out great! Untitled We got you Ninjago LEGOS and some Pokemon cards for your birthday, and you and Evan happily played the night away until we made you two go to bed since your birthday was on a Sunday and you guys had school the next day. Untitled You are really the BEST oldest brother we could ask for. You are always looking out for your little brothers and are such a help. You are a wonderful reader, and it's fun to talk about books with you. Last season was a really fun soccer season and really look forward to this have really grown as a player and it's a joy to come to your games! Untitled Your heart is so sweet and you want the best for everyone, and you are so concerned about anything that may be troubling. You sometimes watch the news with me and have so many questions and worries {you get that from your Dad} about the world. We are so thankful for you our sweet firstborn son. love always, xoxo Mom

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Evan {turns 6}

   6 years old!!!
This birthday you asked for a Skylander cake {a wii game you are obsessed with} and after calling around to see that it would cost $50+  for a cake, I decided to attempt it myself and you were THRILLED with the outcome...made me so glad.

 We got you some Skylander figures for the game and some LEGO Ninjago sets. You and Max are Obsessed.
This year you are in first grade, which is hard for me to believe. You invited half the neighborhood to your "birthday" which I had several inquiries about but we had a small family celebration at home as we are getting ready to go to Door County with Dad's family.
   You really just love people, even when you and the neighborhood kids aren't getting along or they are teasing you, you still love them and play with them. 4
You and Max are still best buds, we just moved you two into your own room {former guest room} and you two will be up there for hours playing LEGOs together. You rarely fight....on the other hand you and Liam are always getting into it, but when you do play nicely together or when you help him out with something, it just melts my heart. You ADORE Declan, doting on him all of the time wanting to take him outside so you can show him off to your friends. You are also very excited for the new baby to come, asking when he/she will be here.
   You are stubborn at times but you desire to do the right thing, and to love Jesus...which makes your Dad and I so glad. WE love you so much. Our second born son!
your mama

Friday, July 20, 2012

{ 10 years }

young and in love. " Nothing that I wouldn't do, go to the ends of the earth for you, To make you feel my love, to make you feel my love." -Adele Us. 4.2012 Happy 10th Anniversary Just! xoxo

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Broccoli Gribiche

Broc. Gribiche Tonight for dinner I made Broccoli Gribiche and Garlic Chicken { via Jamie Oliver}. The Broccoli Gribiche was really awesome, and I've been loving this cookbook. I highly recommend it! " I tend to cook with whole, natural foods- whole grains, whole grain flours, minimally processed sweetners and fresh produce..." My kinda cook, and a therefore my kind of cookbook. 5 stars for sure.

Monday, July 09, 2012

{Wisconsin} Instagram

Farm 1
We just got back late last week from nearly 3 weeks in the Northwoods. Justin was at a conference, then work for the first week and a half, then he joined us at my parents...who live in Wisconsin but about 10 minutes from the Minnesota boarder. Dex.2 -6.2012 Declan Liam 6.2012 Liam Max shades Max Ev We did the bow and arrow thing...which the boys LOVED. {Evan} Call me Katniss Just { Just} Carl {My brother Carl} Pete {my brother Pete} Luc and Dex Lucy {my niece} and Declan Boys The boys . St croix river beach day We went to the beach. Jennie My sister-in-laws Jennie showcasing her La Croix on the St. Croix River. Beach Declan and I Minnesota children's museum Mcm WE went to the Children's Museum in MInnesota. Gramps Declan, Grandpa, and Lucy Alec and I My parents, my brother Alec and I went to the MInnesota Art Institute. They had Rembrandt on temporary display. Date Justin and I went out for an afternoon to the cute town of Stillwater, MN. Farm 2 more of the farm. 4th of July
 On our way headed back home we also spent a few days at Justin's parents In southern, WI. IT was SO hot. We spent the majority of the 4th in the pool! Fun trip and always nice to get back home. OIN

Saturday, June 02, 2012

Declan turns 1 { via instragram}

Friday, June 1 our baby, Declan Paul turned 1! We had a group of friends over, the Bush family( thier 3 boys Issac, Luke, and Owen), the Woodyards ( and thier baby Samuel)the Valentines( and thier kiddos, Calaeb, Clay, Aubrey, and Faith) and Our friend Tara. We got a late start and didn't actually sit down for dinner until about 8, but the kids all had fun playing and Declan fell asleep right as we were ready to eat. There was little left by the end of the meal and on Declan slept. We cut his cake (made by my sweet friend Gina .. Who wasn't able to come with her husband Ryan and daughter lily but brought me the cake)and ate i5 without him and soon after all had left, around 111PM Declan woke up, so we got him up sang Happy Birthday and he opened his gifts and he ate his special Birthday cookie...which he devoured. Max, Liam, and Evan were thrilled to watch him. Around midnight we all headed to bed, completely exhausted and slept until 10 the next morning. It was a fu day. Untitled Untitled Untitled Declan Paul, You have brought such joy to our family. Definately our easiest baby from the get go you are always smiling and laughing, it's hard to believe you could be so sweet. You adore your older brothers, having a special relationship with each one of them, it makes our hearts glad. People are just drawn to you and you love the attention. When you get really excited while talking your Dad and I joke that you sound like an angry German. Cracks us up. We thank God for you, what a special gift you have been to all of us. we cannot wait to see you become an older brother later this year. Love you sweet boy! Xoxo Mama