Sunday, November 27, 2011

{thanksgiving 2011 {iPhone snapshots}

Evans thankfulness feathers !
{ Evan's thankfulness feathers}

{Finding Nemo on Thanksgiving Eve}
Pack attack
{game ready}
{the feast!! From center round table l to r: Joelle, Maxwell, Liam, Julia ,Dad, Mom, Mike, Justin, Evan, and Jaimee}
Dex 1st Thanksgiving !

{out at the Mitchell farm}
Living the dream.
{Justin drumming at the church}
Grandpas office
{Grandpa's new office at the church}
Wisconsin farmland
{WI farmland}
{Chicagoland oasis, headed back home!}

Thursday, November 17, 2011

fall wrap up

we've been enjoying the fall! {cannot believe Thanksgiving is next week!}

soccer ended a few weeks ago. a pretty fun season if you ask me. Max is at the age where it is actually quite enjoyable to watch his games. They are playing positions and we had a great team. Max had about 20 goals this season. He is a good little player, and not to mention how HOT the coach is.
Last game of season u-8


They won the last match, 7-4 {max had 2 goals} and the parents of the kiddos thanked Justin with a giftcard, and we all are already looking forward to the spring season.
I realized how competitive Justin and I are. Justin gets pretty passionate as the coach and I am that crazy sideline parent yelling the whole game. I think we keep it under control though, and the leauge has a zero tolerance for trash talking refs which I am actually thankful for. I think it is a great policy.
Last game of season !!!!

Evan's team {also Coached by the hot guy} ended the season on a good note too. He scored all the goals and they won something like 11- 3. Evan is the only kid on his team that had any idea what was going on {because he has watched Max play for two years} and so he carried the team.

To see Evan in action click HERE

It's hard to believe Thanksgiving is next week!! We are giving a go to Basketball this winter. Max and Evan are excited to give it a go, and Basketball is another sport we all enjoy. Not sure if it'll beat out soccer, but it remains to be seen!
It has been a great year, gone by incredibly fast, and I am excited to spend time rounding this year off with great friends and family!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

{just us, and our youngest}

Walk at the arboretum
{my parents were here for a few days, and we went for a walk this morning at the arboretum, it was a little windy, but gorgeous out!}