Saturday, January 31, 2009

when pants go wrong.

This is what happens when you share a closet with your brother.
Maxwell put on Evan's pants this morning.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

...and then there was snow.

our teenage neighbor's car
our tree: before after

notice how droopy the tree is now...

Maxwell, Jaimee(Justin's sister and the boys' Aunt) and Evan

sledding on cardboard. :)

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

ice ice baby.

Stop. Collaborate and listen...
My car is frozen SOLID. You see we only have a one car garage and Justin parks in it...the grey beast is a smidge too big.
I went to get the could skate on the ice.

The in-laws are in for a visit...Justin got off work today...the site was shut down.

Holy guacamole we have lots of ice.

Thursday, January 22, 2009


Sooo.... it's going to cost close to $4000. big bucks to fix our HVAC. Is your mouth gaped open?
Mine is.
Dang. That hurts the ol' savings account.
...and DANG that above picture is blurry. Too bad.

is quite the thinker. Mostly I think he's thinking about how great it is going to be to join in the all the chaos with Maxwell and Evan. Chasing wrestling, playing.

Another blurry smile...still sweet nonetheless.

Justin went out last night for a space heater. We figured we'd use it even after the HVAC was fixed so it was worth buying one.
Between the space heater and the fireplace our living room was nice and cozy.
We snuggled. It was LOVELY....especially since Justin has been super busy and stressed about work. He usually has Fridays off, but lately has been working Fridays and even a few Saturdays. (Talk about a long week for this Mama!)He gets paid overtime which is nice, but I'd rather have him around.
Of course they LOVE him at his job too. They enjoy having him around. People just LOVE him. Whenever I've met people he works with, they go on and on about how great, hardworking, and thorough he is.
Another reason to love him.
Anyway, I'm going to try to get back to more than 1 post a week. I'm still playing catch up after Liams arrival and all the Christmas visitors! My poor floors need a good scrub, as does our shower, oh heck the whole house needs a good cleaning...I think I may have mentioned burning the house down the other day to Justin because I felt so disorganized and like I'd never get the house clean...except the toliets and kitchen...I'm pretty much a nut job when it comes to those things. I can't sleep at night if I know there is a dish in my sink.
Crazy, I know.
Back to normal again soon. Whatever that is.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


As the boys and I headed downstairs this morning I noticed a significant change in the temperature. I glanced at the thermostat...
50 degrees. brr.
We knew this day was coming. Our HVAC unit is old. We have two units, and the older was is like 20 years old...and now DEAD.
Maxwell and Evan have a playdate this afternoon, so the L-man and I will head to somewhere warm with a fireplace and coffee. LOTS and LOTS of coffee.
Did I tell you about the AWESOME deal I got on for a console table for $38 with free shipping? Yeah pretty much the deal of the century. Even my don't spend any money ever husband agreed it was a rockin' deal. He gave me a $40 budget ,and I did it, with moola to spare. The boys loved the box it came in of course. And then there's this guy.

Why such serious faces little monkey? I gotta get some pictures of his smiles. Because they are to die for.

Monday, January 19, 2009

snow day!

We've had it prettygood since we've moved south. We chuckle every time they cancel EVERYTHING because of a few snow school, churches cancel services, even businesses shut down.
In defense of the south we aren't equipped with the kind of equipment the north has such as salt trucks or people who know how to drive in snow.

Bless our Hearts.
People say that ALL the time down here, and I think it's fantastic and have in fact started saying it here or there myself.
The boys were SO excited to get outside today, too bad all the snow will probably be gone by tommorow.
Bless their hearts.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Flavor FLLLLAAVVVVVV!!!!!!!!

The sky is clear today. About time. SHEESH! I thought for awhile there we really lived in Washington state.
This is the first full week we've had since Liam's birth that Justin has worked a full week, and it's been just the 3 boys and I. The last month and a half has been full. It's been fun, it's been a bit of a blur, but it was good.
Now that I have the house to myself again I have to admit I feel a bit overwhelmed. Maybe I should have prepared myself better, but I also know nothing really could have prepared me for the reality that :
I have 3 THREE kids.
Not only three kids but 3 BOYS...2 of whom like to wrestle (I'm sure Liam will join as soon as he can) ... A LOT. What's the story with that? It's not like I sat down with them, got down on my knees and outstretched my arms with curled fingers and said;
"Let's get ready to rrrruuummmmbbbbllleeee!"
That would make an interesting video though.
The thing is I used to get upset at them wrestling, but then I realized how much they were loving it, giggling with each other, so now I usually let it go. I only make them stop when I see that it is getting out of control...and sometimes I join in. SOMETIMES.
This week has been tiring. Liam has turned on me a bit. Last night I was up until 2:30 with him. I could
bore you with PLENTY of stories about different "events" that have happened with each of the boys, but I won't.
If any of you are still reading, I'm sure you're wondering why I have a picture of Flavor Flav on my blog.
I've been having some REALLY ODD dreams the past few weeks. A few nights ago I had a dream that me...and some other girl were Flav's body guards...we had guns...and we wore chains.
Like I said....ODD.
Friday I go for my six week post-birth checkup. That scale is haunting me. HAUNTING. I'm not sure why I expect the pounds to just FALL off.
Well, yes actually I do know why. There are women who come home from the hospital in (or nearly in) their pre-pregnancy pants! What is up with that? Namely 7 of the 8 of the women who were pregnant from our church...I being the 8th who feels like I have not lost one SINGLE pound.
I also now have HIPS. I've never really had hips or a rear end for that matter...but now I have hips ...BIG ONES... and don't even get me started on how SICK of elastic waist pants I am. UGH! I have one pair of "fat" pants that fit...correction...that I can button but I WILL NOT be buying pants that read 10 . I can't do it.
All I know is those Hips have gotstogo!
Sorry. I know, it's not Monday...and only Mondays are for complaining. Well...only according to me.
Like I said. OVERWHELMED. How do you people with 3+ kids do it?
Again's all worth it.

All for this little guy....and the two others.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

these pictures say it all.

This past week my cousin Sara, her husband Chris and their two boys came for the week. Chris had a week long class at Asbury Seminary which is nearby to us so they stayed with us. It was a Fun week, but with 5 boys, 4 and under it was chaotic at times. BOY am I pooped!

and yes...we did leave the house.
Just once....for sanity's sake.

Sunday, January 04, 2009

one month.

Babies are so weird.
Don't get me wrong...I love them, but they always have the goofiest looks and sounds.
It's wonderful. PURE bliss.

Liam is going to be so embarressed that he wore leggings.
It brought much joy to his Mama though, so I'm sure he won't mind.
His future wife will appreciate them...I know she will.

Liam is awake happens. He is still pretty happy, beginning to coo and look around more. The child LOVES to be held, LOVES being in his sling made by his Grandma (Justin's Mom)...I'll post a picture soon, because it is pretty rockin'.
Do I mind? NOT one bit. I know too well how fast these days go by and I'm soaking them up.
It may be a crazy life right now, but it's also so wonderful.

My cousin Sara sent these sweet argyle six different colors. I LOVE them.

I also have stripey six different colors. I've never been SO into baby socks.

I love socks...I just don't like to wear them :)

My little monkey Liam is one month old.

Thursday, January 01, 2009


How is it that Evan (who else?) managed to destroy this butter with nobody noticing (in a house full of people), and why is it that he enjoyed it so much? The kid keeps me busy...that is fer (yes, for with a little twist) sure.