Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Flavor FLLLLAAVVVVVV!!!!!!!!

The sky is clear today. About time. SHEESH! I thought for awhile there we really lived in Washington state.
This is the first full week we've had since Liam's birth that Justin has worked a full week, and it's been just the 3 boys and I. The last month and a half has been full. It's been fun, it's been a bit of a blur, but it was good.
Now that I have the house to myself again I have to admit I feel a bit overwhelmed. Maybe I should have prepared myself better, but I also know nothing really could have prepared me for the reality that :
I have 3 THREE kids.
Not only three kids but 3 BOYS...2 of whom like to wrestle (I'm sure Liam will join as soon as he can) ... A LOT. What's the story with that? It's not like I sat down with them, got down on my knees and outstretched my arms with curled fingers and said;
"Let's get ready to rrrruuummmmbbbbllleeee!"
That would make an interesting video though.
The thing is I used to get upset at them wrestling, but then I realized how much they were loving it, giggling with each other, so now I usually let it go. I only make them stop when I see that it is getting out of control...and sometimes I join in. SOMETIMES.
This week has been tiring. Liam has turned on me a bit. Last night I was up until 2:30 with him. I could
bore you with PLENTY of stories about different "events" that have happened with each of the boys, but I won't.
If any of you are still reading, I'm sure you're wondering why I have a picture of Flavor Flav on my blog.
I've been having some REALLY ODD dreams the past few weeks. A few nights ago I had a dream that me...and some other girl were Flav's body guards...we had guns...and we wore chains.
Like I said....ODD.
Friday I go for my six week post-birth checkup. That scale is haunting me. HAUNTING. I'm not sure why I expect the pounds to just FALL off.
Well, yes actually I do know why. There are women who come home from the hospital in (or nearly in) their pre-pregnancy pants! What is up with that? Namely 7 of the 8 of the women who were pregnant from our church...I being the 8th who feels like I have not lost one SINGLE pound.
I also now have HIPS. I've never really had hips or a rear end for that matter...but now I have hips ...BIG ONES... and don't even get me started on how SICK of elastic waist pants I am. UGH! I have one pair of "fat" pants that fit...correction...that I can button but I WILL NOT be buying pants that read 10 . I can't do it.
All I know is those Hips have gotstogo!
Sorry. I know, it's not Monday...and only Mondays are for complaining. Well...only according to me.
Like I said. OVERWHELMED. How do you people with 3+ kids do it?
Again's all worth it.

All for this little guy....and the two others.


Chad said...

yeah, flavor the bling!

Sarah G. said...

For sure Liam will join in the wrestling as soon as he can. I too let them go at it when I know they are having so much fun, but they can get close to hurting each other sometimes. My boys are boys to the MAX!!! At least my little girl is very girly.... although she still throws a mean smack around sometimes ;-) . I don't know how we parents of many, many blessings hang in there. It is just a special gift, blessing, grace and strength that comes only from GOD!!! It is an awesome feeling to be mommy isn't it???

Your baby is so sweet. I love his face.

Anonymous said...

take from a mommy of 4 ages 19-3 that the time does fly and they are worth it and God does give grace to the humble. So humble yourself before him and ask for his blessing and his strength and then "Lets get Ready to Rumble"

Sarah said...

hang in there! you are a capable and loving mom... :)

we recently discovered we'll be having a 3rd child as i'm paying attention! you'll have to tell me how YOU do it when I've got my hands just as full. yikes!!

ps i've got a new blog going! :)

Megan said...

ha, anne. just ha. you're hilarious! i loved hearing all about your butt, and other random info!


Anonymous said...

Glad you're hanging in there! And don't worry about the weight for now, just enjoy your little boy. Maybe if you join in with the boys' wrestling that can count as exercise! :) Don't worry, it'll come off as you have more time in the future, but for now, don't sweat it!

Anonymous said...

You crack me up!!! I was never right away back into my pre-pregnancy clothes, but within like 6 weeks. But I know...I KNOW this third will be different and I don't know why. But don't be jealous because it's not like I was skinny to begin with. I just went back to being flabby :) HA! We love to say "Flava FLAAAAV" at our house. That is hysterical that you were his body guard in a dream. You'd think that he'd keep off enough perpetrators with all of the nastiness he has going on in his mouth and such, but I think he's really small as a person so he may need to woman bodyguards :)

Beth Young

Anonymous said...

That would be "two women bodyguards".

Bethany said...

Oh hang in there. three changed my body in a major way too. I bought bigger pants and dealt with it. Have to say bigger pants are better than elastic. Rip the tag out if you need to. I really noticed hip widening way more with my third too. I too never had wide hips (always have had a bubble butt though....and that seemed to look cute when I was a tiny size but now it is just wide hips and a big old bubble butt).

I love that your boys wrestle. Mine do too and Adelee has now joined them. I suppose there is no hope for a girl with two older brothers. She thinks farts are pretty funny too. Maybe if she had been my first life would look different but I still find it very funny.