Wednesday, January 21, 2009


As the boys and I headed downstairs this morning I noticed a significant change in the temperature. I glanced at the thermostat...
50 degrees. brr.
We knew this day was coming. Our HVAC unit is old. We have two units, and the older was is like 20 years old...and now DEAD.
Maxwell and Evan have a playdate this afternoon, so the L-man and I will head to somewhere warm with a fireplace and coffee. LOTS and LOTS of coffee.
Did I tell you about the AWESOME deal I got on for a console table for $38 with free shipping? Yeah pretty much the deal of the century. Even my don't spend any money ever husband agreed it was a rockin' deal. He gave me a $40 budget ,and I did it, with moola to spare. The boys loved the box it came in of course. And then there's this guy.

Why such serious faces little monkey? I gotta get some pictures of his smiles. Because they are to die for.


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about your HVAC unit going up! Stay warm. Glad you guys are doing well.

Anonymous said...

Big boxes are the BEST!! You can do so much with them! It's a home within a home!

So you guys have to buy a new unit. How much is that goin to cost you? I have no clue!

Anonymous said...

50 degrees? Welcome to my world...

Anonymous said...

All my kids are freezing this winter. Well at least 3/4 of them. Well probably all according to Peter...he keeps up the thermostat and I keep showing him the bill. :)Doesn't do any good.

Kim said...

That Liam is so so cute. And I am loving the Curious George shirt that Evan is wearing!! Where did you find it?
SO, I need your email address so I dont have to write you novels in comments.

All the reviews we have heard since getting the wii fit is that everyone else hates it. But we like it a lot. There are some really fun balancing games and aerobics. Im loving the hulla hooping game!! My abs hurt when I am done. Oh and the wii totally told me I am overweight and made my mii a little rounder than I would have liked. Whatever. I just gave my account a super secret password so it doesnt share my weight with everyone who comes over. Then I would die.

When I have newborns, I am unorganized for what feels like months. You have to let stuff go and for me cleaning is one of the first because I have to get out from under the piles and piles of laundry before tile gets cleaned. I straighten and vacuum and it makes the house feel clean even though it SO ISNT. Cut yourself some slack. You need a visit from your mama so she can deep clean for you:) I cant wait to do all that for Abigail one day.