Thursday, January 22, 2009


Sooo.... it's going to cost close to $4000. big bucks to fix our HVAC. Is your mouth gaped open?
Mine is.
Dang. That hurts the ol' savings account.
...and DANG that above picture is blurry. Too bad.

is quite the thinker. Mostly I think he's thinking about how great it is going to be to join in the all the chaos with Maxwell and Evan. Chasing wrestling, playing.

Another blurry smile...still sweet nonetheless.

Justin went out last night for a space heater. We figured we'd use it even after the HVAC was fixed so it was worth buying one.
Between the space heater and the fireplace our living room was nice and cozy.
We snuggled. It was LOVELY....especially since Justin has been super busy and stressed about work. He usually has Fridays off, but lately has been working Fridays and even a few Saturdays. (Talk about a long week for this Mama!)He gets paid overtime which is nice, but I'd rather have him around.
Of course they LOVE him at his job too. They enjoy having him around. People just LOVE him. Whenever I've met people he works with, they go on and on about how great, hardworking, and thorough he is.
Another reason to love him.
Anyway, I'm going to try to get back to more than 1 post a week. I'm still playing catch up after Liams arrival and all the Christmas visitors! My poor floors need a good scrub, as does our shower, oh heck the whole house needs a good cleaning...I think I may have mentioned burning the house down the other day to Justin because I felt so disorganized and like I'd never get the house clean...except the toliets and kitchen...I'm pretty much a nut job when it comes to those things. I can't sleep at night if I know there is a dish in my sink.
Crazy, I know.
Back to normal again soon. Whatever that is.


Megan said...

i love the rooster shirt!

man, it stinks plain and simple to replace that thing- at least it's tax return time, right?


dancebythelight said...

I had to laugh about the dish in the sink comment. I'm like that too.

The rooster shirt is adorable.

Josh said...

That hvac stuff is ridiculous. I can't imagine how it could cost that much. Maybe you should get a second opinion.

anne said...

Josh...we had 5 people come out and give us estimates. All were between $3700. - $8000.!!! INSANE!

Ashleigh said...

Liam is so cute, Anne!!

By the way, my house is still disorganized and messy and Savannah is 6 months old. So go easy on yourself. :)

Chad said...

i feel like i am being censored? what happen to freedom of speech?

Bethany said...

Wow that is expensive. We had no heat or air and had to have duct work and both units put in and we went pretty top of the line in terms of equipment and the total was 8,000 and that is with putting in duct work that wasn't even in our old house. So man 4,000 is expensive!!!! Feel for ya.

Liam is sure a cutie though. At least you have his sweet face to make you smile

Katie said...

His eyes look like they're gonna be blue huh? Such a cutie pie.

You are so funny, your train of consciousness writing... that is so post-natal, lol! I am headed there myself... better go to bed NOW... while I can...

Kim said...

The down side to owning a house is definitely the unexpected repairs. Ug.

I think normal is redefined with each child. They create in our homes an entirely new normal. And it often comes with allowing much more grace for ourselves. I have to tell myself often that the kids will not remember if the right lids are on the right cup, if the floors are swept or the dishes done. But they will remember the times I pushed them aside to "do something important". Oh, I am so bad about being type A and incorrectly aligning my priorities. Wow, I think I just gave myself a lecture on your blog. Anyway, all that to say, I totally hear you on the trying to find normal in life - it aint easy with a new baby.

So, could Liam be cuter? Seriously, you guys make some handsome boys.

nicole said...

oh gosh that sucks!!! so sorry to hear about your heater. liam i s getting so big!!! he's adorable!!