Monday, January 19, 2009

snow day!

We've had it prettygood since we've moved south. We chuckle every time they cancel EVERYTHING because of a few snow school, churches cancel services, even businesses shut down.
In defense of the south we aren't equipped with the kind of equipment the north has such as salt trucks or people who know how to drive in snow.

Bless our Hearts.
People say that ALL the time down here, and I think it's fantastic and have in fact started saying it here or there myself.
The boys were SO excited to get outside today, too bad all the snow will probably be gone by tommorow.
Bless their hearts.


Chad said...

"Bless your heart" is southern slang for "What an idiot" is just a nicer way of communicating it.

anne said...

Only when people say it to you Chad.
Only to you :)

Megan said...

maxwell looks so grown up here! and evan is so squeezable still! i'm bloggy squeezing him right now!

we have to figure out some kind of travel plans to use up some of our tax refunds we get for having all these kids. we should meet up somewhere exotic... and cheap.


Chad said...

come on, where is the love????? really, southerners pride themselves on not being rude. not just kentucky south, but South Carolina, Georgia, Virginia, Tenn...don't worry, your still new to the South, but you will learn like the rest of us transplants.

Jane said...

Either way, it's THEIR hearts.

I still say those boys need to come back to Wisconsin to see what the word S*N*O*W really means!

Zoe said...

Cool! I know all my northern family and friends think I am crazy, but I sooooo miss it!

Bless your heart is how you start all good gossip, it seems down here...I think I agree with Chad for the most part.

Mike, Torie and Boys said...

Snow is so much fun. We have so much- I wonder if it is ever going to melt. I am already getting spring fever.

I love your pictures. Those boys are darling.