Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Evan {turns 6}

   6 years old!!!
This birthday you asked for a Skylander cake {a wii game you are obsessed with} and after calling around to see that it would cost $50+  for a cake, I decided to attempt it myself and you were THRILLED with the outcome...made me so glad.

 We got you some Skylander figures for the game and some LEGO Ninjago sets. You and Max are Obsessed.
This year you are in first grade, which is hard for me to believe. You invited half the neighborhood to your "birthday" which I had several inquiries about but we had a small family celebration at home as we are getting ready to go to Door County with Dad's family.
   You really just love people, even when you and the neighborhood kids aren't getting along or they are teasing you, you still love them and play with them. 4
You and Max are still best buds, we just moved you two into your own room {former guest room} and you two will be up there for hours playing LEGOs together. You rarely fight....on the other hand you and Liam are always getting into it, but when you do play nicely together or when you help him out with something, it just melts my heart. You ADORE Declan, doting on him all of the time wanting to take him outside so you can show him off to your friends. You are also very excited for the new baby to come, asking when he/she will be here.
   You are stubborn at times but you desire to do the right thing, and to love Jesus...which makes your Dad and I so glad. WE love you so much. Our second born son!
your mama

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Danielle said...

You're such a great mama and your boys are growing up so fast, wow! And that new entryway update looks so fab!