Friday, October 24, 2008

34 weeks.

On the way to the concert the other day we took a restroom break and as I was waiting for Justin to come out the girl working behind the counter at the establishment whose facilities we were using..without buying anything...gasp!!!...asked;
"So, 1 or 2?" At first I thought she was asking if there would be one or two of us dining with them...but soon realized as she was gazing at my swollen belly she meant the number of babies residing inside.
"Just one." I smiled. " I just have large babies"
I'd like to be clever enough to come up with some witty non-offensive response back, but no such luck.
I thought about asking her when she was due, you know how people do that to people who aren't even pregnant...I swear if that EVER happens to me, I'd die( I once witnessed someone ask someone else that who HAD A NEWBORN with them...come on people...WAKE UP!) ...but it was very clear this young (perfectly shaped body) girl was clearly not so I just kept my mouth shut.

I should have waited for Justin in the car.

I'm 34 weeks now...ready to go.
Especially ready since our friends Chad and Mel had their baby girl today! Yesterday afternoon, Chad dropped their firstborn Juliana off with us until her Grandparents arrived from Georgia, as Mel was admitted to the hospital. 2 am this morning I received a text that Adeline Carmichael had a whopping 6lbs 10z... I swear I could sneeze that size babe out. Congrats you guys. We love you and cannot wait to meet Addy later today.
SO,I think it's time to take a poll:
the winner will win a little something sweet from ANTRHOPOLOGIE. My most favorite store.
Here's a little info to help you out. My original due date was December 10, but at my ultrasound at 20 weeks and since then my Dr. has said according to all the measurements the due date looks more like December 3.
Maxwell : was two weeks overdue, induced, and he was c-sectioned...weighing 10lbs. 1 0z. Labor time: 36 hours.
Epidural: heck yeah.
Evan: a week early, my water broke, and I had him naturally...he weighed 8lbs. 8oz. Labor time: 16 hours.
Epidural: tried to. Didn't take.
So here's the poll:
1. When will he be born?
2. What time will he be born?
3. Will I get an epidural (and will it work if I do?)?
4.Will we have a name picked out by delivery this time?
5.How big will he be?


Kiara said...

1. I'm gonna go with the day after Thanksgiving Nov. 28.

2. Early morning... 5:00 am ish.

3. Yes, and yes!

4. No.

5. Since it seems like your babes like the same number for both I'll say 9 lbs, 9 oz.

Allison :) said...

First of all, feel free to give me things from Anthropologie anytime. I too love that place - shocker, right?!
1. November 23rd - I know that's way early, but I *hear* that GREAT, AWESOME, Witty, Beautiful people are born on that day. Could you build a monument to my self-centeredness please?!?!
2. 6am - because I know you guys love early mornings. ;)
3. Yes (and hopefully yes)
4. Yes
5. 7 lbs. 10 oz.

Kim said...

December 5th at 430am
Epidural: yes and yes
Name: it will come to shortly after the baby is born
He will weigh 9 pounds even

Hooray for another baby boy!

Kim said...

ps - I LOVE the picture!

Don & Sue said...

December 1
8 pm
Go for the epidural, it will work this time.
Name: Yes
9lbs. 1oz.

Alec said...

1. December 13th
2. 4:32am
3. yes and it will work
4.yes and it will be firstname alec swanson
5.8lbs 2 oz.

Bethany said...

Dec 1
yes epidural and it will work (ps I had with seth worked with jude waited too long and it didn't work and with Adelee it worked.)
yes on name

Can't wait.

Anonymous said...

1. Dec. 3
2. 11:00 Pm
3. Yes
4. Yes
5. 8#11oz

Mom said...

The above comment is mom.:)

Les said...

*Dec. 5th, 2:30pm
*You'll get the epidural and it will work (though I'm all for el naturale; but you have to have a personal conviction to make it!)
*You will pick the name: How about Jackson or Dayton?
*8 lbs. 14 oz; and NO tears! Bring your castor oil :) Made a Big difference for me!

Anonymous said...

This is more of a questionnaire, but that's ok. We can call it a poll...

When: He'll be born Dec 3rd (so we can share birthdays!!)

Time: 2:15pm

Epidural: Not sure what that is, but yes, it will work

Name: Of course you'll have a name picked out! An angel will visit you both separately, give you instructions and prepare you for your child to come. You will be on the pooper (so bring a magazine to the angel won't see you privates), and Justin will be at work. His coworkers will think he's crazy, because he's the only one who will see the angel, but then he'll get a promotion because his boss has imaginary friends too.

Size: 165 pounds (same size as me)

V Honey said...

SO here is goes
dec 6th
Go with the Ep
no name till u see him
8 10/ 21
and that is your future

Megan said...

1. november 29
2. 3 AM
3. no, of course not, bc you'll be sneezing him out, remember?, no way will the name be nailed down by hospital time. but you will secretly know exactly what name you want and after the horrors of childbirth, you will be sly and THEN sweetly tell justin this exact name and how much it means to you and he will be a big jerk not to comply and since he's no jerk, he will agree wholeheartedly.
5. 6lb 9 oz.

i look forward to winning.


Anonymous said...

I know nothing about babies except that they are small and hungry a lot. But here goes nothing

1. December 1
2. 5am yay sunrise!
3. If you don't get one you should get one afterwards just for the buzz, so yes!
4. I think you will have settled on Keith as the perfect name
5. fridonkulously huge

P.S. you can give my prize to Allison

Mom Jane said...

1. When will he be born?

2. What time will he be born?
9:00 PM

3. Will I get an epidural (and will it work if I do?)?

4.Will we have a name picked out by delivery this time?

5.How big will he be?

Ashleigh said...

OK, I didn't read everyone else's comments first...

1. December 2nd

2. Afternoon, maybe around 3 p.m.

3. Yes and YES! Mine didn't work with Ava, but was wonderful with Savannah

4. No, but close

5. 9 lbs even

Sarah G. said...

1. November 26th (That's my birthday ;-) hehe)

2. Going into labor around bedtime and deliver before midnight. (it's the third baby let's dream big here)

3. Yes and Yes Mine didn't work with Noah but was perfect with Dawson and Sadie.

4. Yes you will have a name soon. I think Caleb, Noah, and Dawson are great choices with good meanings :)

5. Being that you will be a little early and all my babies keep getting smaller (I started with Caleb at 7lbs 14oz and ended so far with Sadie being 5lbs 8oz) I am gonna guess a smaller baby like 7lbs 7oz

I am excited. I am praying for you!!

nicole said...

1. Dec. 4
2. 10:40am
3. Yes for the epidural
4. yes you'll have a name this time!
5. 8 pounds 11 oz