Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Today, Justin and I are off to Clevland, Ohio to see COLDPLAY! They definately rank in the top 5 bands for both of us. We fell in love the same year they got together as a group. 1998. What a year :)
We'll arrive around 4, check into our hotel (right across from the venue!), have dinner (alone...just the two of us!!) and then head to the concert!! We are both pretty estatic!
I was thinking it'd be pretty fun to go into labor after the concert, we'd so have to incorporate Coldplay into this boy's name somehow.
Maybe Justin will lock eyes again with Chris Martin. Of course our seats are not as good as last time. (story: In 2005 we went to a Coldplay concert and sat about 5 rows from the stage...pretty sweet seats, and at the end of the show Justin is convinced that Chris Martin pointed at him and they locked eyes. He seemed to be the only one who noticed out of our group of 6, but anyway...they have a special bond now. ) But I go along with it.


dancebythelight said...

Glad you had such a great time, ALONE! Well, not exactly alone but without kids to care for. Always a nice breather.

bethyoung said...

jealous :)

Chad said...

glad your going, but the locking eyes thing sounds a little gay? see ya when you get back!

Les said...

Jealous! I put Viva on my iphone--it makes me in a happy mood!

David Goran said...

Have fun at the concert. It sounds awesome. It also sounds like there might be a man-crush going on with this locking eyes thing with Chris Martin thing. Hopefully Gweneth won't beat Justin up.