Tuesday, April 15, 2008

spring 2008

*WARNING: If you are a man, you will probably care less about this post.
I get spring fever, and I get it bad. I have been sick over the last week and a half that finally today I got a chance to get out the ol' spring/summer bin of clothes and take stock. I am definately good on pants, but I can always find room for new shoes and t's. :)

A few spring/summer clothes rules/observations I live by.
1. Shorts are out....permanently. Look if you really must wear shorts, do it, but I ain't gonna pretend I love them. Those board shorts are actually pretty cute, but anything too above the knee isn't doing much for you.Hey, somebody had to come out and say it. But again, if you must carry on.
2. Capri's ROCK! If capris ever go out of style I will probably still wear them. I love them THAT much. I have a couple pair that I got when I worked at Limited, and I will wear them until the day I die, they are so comfy, stylish, can be dressy or not, and just rock!
3. Satan invented low-rise jeans. I swear, who can really pull those off without showing their entire behind? They are nast. I mean so are skinny jeans, and mom jeans but at least they don't show off your entire rear end. EW. We need more normal jeans. What happened to a good pair of flairs? I got this pair of jeans about 4 years ago at Gap for $14.99 as they were special pair for the season, and I still love them. They are my favorite, they have cute rear end pockets, and I ALWAYS get compliments on them. I should have stocked up...if only I would have known my slim pickings years later...and the fact that my body isn't quite the same but these jeans are still workin' it.
4. You can never have to many cute summer shoe options. Sure flip-flops are cute, and a dime a dozen, but you gotta go beyond the flip-flop people. Some cute flats, wedge sandals, if you are brave; heels, a nice strappy sandal. You get my drift. I am a sucker for shoes, especially in the summer since your feet are seen more.
5. Why am I able to buy a shirt with kitties on it? Ok, so this is totally random, but I have to say something. Our mall has a Sears right smack dab in the middle of it. So to get to stores on either side you have to go through it. Talk about bad clothing options. Sure here and there I see a few items I would consider taking a second glance at, but for the most part I wondered who could really shop at Sears? I had to stop at a rack full of shall I say, old lady shirts. Now I know all old ladies don't fall into the trap, but enough still do that they continue to make these clothes. I just could go on, but I will stop since I know all you who read my blog are stylish to the max!
5. A cute sundress/skirt always makes me smile. I honestly think I look bad in dresses, but in the summer they make some really cute and breathable dresses that I can't resist.


editor said...
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Ashleigh said...

Fun post, Ann! I love capris too.

With my growing belly, I'm just hoping to be able to find clothes that fit this Spring and summer. If I end up being fashionable too, that'd be great. But I'm not holding my breath, since I don't want to have to buy more maternity clothes. :-)

Anonymous said...

Yes, I love me some capri's, t's and shoes. Flip flops are fine, but I agree with you about the strappy's and wedges. Definitely agree with you on the ultra low rise. My problem really isn't showing my tail end as it is pulling the low rise over my stomach roll(s) when I sit. Very uncomfortable! Satan was definitely involved in the low rise jean making :-) The only thing I don't agree with you on is the shorts thing. I'm lovin' me some shorts. Short and classy khaki shorts with a polo? C'mon mamma, I though we were cool? I am good with the long bermuda's as well. AND I love skirts. Ok, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Spring and Summer clothes.

Anonymous said...

I'm not a fan of shorts either. Actually, I only have 3 pair. I love capri's too, and wear them in place of shorts. I like low-rise jeans though, not the real low ones, but as long as they're not at waist. And yes, I love flair, boot cut, and wide leg! I HATE skinny jeans. I've yet seen anyone actually look good in them.

I love summer shoes and need some. I think I could spend a ton on shoes right now. I need two pairs of flip flops (my feet can't take the cheap ones, must have Reefs or might try the croc flip flops this year) and like 3 pairs of shoes at Land's End! And I'd love to have a fun pair of wedges. Hmmm, I think I'd spend the whole summer's worth of our clothing budget if I bought all of that. But hey, my b-day's in May, so you never know!

And, love skirts in the summer. Nothing is cooler with a t-shirt or tank.

Fun post!

Mike, Torie and Boys said...

You sound so much like me. I love shoes and capris. I wish we lived closer and we could go shopping.
Mike always asks me "Don't you have enough shoes?" A girl can never have enough shoes.
Loved your post- so fun.

Sarah G said...

I say Amen to all of the above ;-)

Very fun post! Thanks!!

P.S. you are right someone had to say it.

Bethany said...

I am right there with you with the shorts!!!! ONly backyard or beach...otherwise yuck. Capri's are hard for me. I have three pair I love but I really have to search I look squatty or something in them. Love all your other observations. You made me laugh