Wednesday, April 09, 2008

still recovering.

Here we are on Wednesday and I am slowly but surely getting better. My fever is going down one degree a day it seems, so by Friday I should be back to normal. I feel bad because I haven't been able to do much with the boys or make a decent dinner for Justin to come home to. At least it is temporary. It could be worse, I know.
Can anyone else believe we are almost in mid-April?


Ashleigh said...

Hope you're better soon!

Mike, Torie and Boys said...

I hope you get feeling better. I think it is the worse when us Mom's get sick. -Who is going to take care of us!!!
Get well soon. And no I can't beleive it is almost mid-April. We are still freezing here. I told Mike it feels more like October. Hopefully spring will come soon..

Josh L - SQE Video said...

Get better soon, friend! And no I can not believe it's almost april, and i will not.

Chad said...

you need to be better by friday...big plans!