Monday, April 28, 2008

Providence Community Kids

For the Grandparents! (Aunts and Uncles too...and anyone else that cares!)
Sorry about the poor quality. I really need to get our real video camera out instead of using my camera which only takes short segments. Notice how Max says "land of God" instead of "lamb of God" and "fank you" instead of "thank you" cute.


Anonymous said...

Max is singing his little heart out! So cute.

Jane Swanson said...

Definitely one for the grandparents and the proud aunts who are standing over my shoulder!
He knew all the words and was even rocking to the beat. Was that Justin on the "drums"? So so cute~! He is growing up way too fast!
~granma jane, aunt joelle & aunt jaimee

Anonymous said...

It brings tears to my eyes to see little ones singing praises to our Jesus!
Good job Max-keep you eyes on Jesus forever & it will go well with you! He is all that matters!
With Love
Great Aunt Vicki

Busch family said...

Thanks for sharing your video Anne! I really wanted to get to see their faces! They did such a good job. :)

Anonymous said...

I love how max is swaying side to side, just rocking out like the crazy kids he is....p.s. what is with the spam in your comments?