Monday, April 21, 2008


Today I needed to get to the UPS store. I prefer going there to the post office because it is just easier with two little ones.
As I pull into the parking lot I am still thinking about my errand last night.
Here's the story:
So, there I was going to Target to pick up a few household items and I am looking for a parking spot and finally with glee I pull into a spot close to the store. In front of me is this monster like truck taking up 2, yes TWO spaces.
The thing was that:
1. It did not need to take up two spaces.
2. If you insist on taking two spaces do it far away.
It's like people with BMW's who think they are so above the rest of us and take up two spaces so no car is near theirs and park obscenely far away so that you can't miss the beauty of their car since it is so far from any other vehicle.
It kinda makes me want to "accidentally" bump their car with a cart. Or place a cart behind their bumper, something! OK, I am so evil. I would never really do it people! Anyway, I get all up in arms and bitter because I am lame and get upset over stupid events in my life.
Anyway, I finally get over last nights events as I pull in front of the UPS store.
In the boys and I go and the girl behind the counter asks if she can help me. She takes my package I needed to mail and proceeds to get stamps. Max looks up at me and says;
"Mommy..." and he proceeds to vomit all over the floor. I was stunned. I was even more stunned that nobody else noticed.
"Um, excuse me, but my son just vomited all over your floor. Do you have something I can clean it up with?"
She comes back with some paper towels, Lysol disinfectant wipes and a wastebasket in case he has to have another go.
Here I am scrubbing their floor so it does not smell or stain, and in walks about a billion people. Or five. But it felt like billion. They all just look at me like I am slightly crazy. Well, they might not be all wrong, but they could be a little more discreet with thier looks.
I finish clean up, and then dig in my bag for my credit card and hand it to the girl who looks at me like; "what am I supposed to do with this?"
" I need to pay for my stamps and package."
"Oh right, right."
No, I just walked in to have my son vomit in your store so I could clean it up. I thought it would be a fun event for the day.
Maybe I am just being to sensitive.
So we are home now, and Max is laying low. No vomiting since, but the whole thing was weird.
And utterly embarrassing.

side note: I don't know if it is the air here or what, but our family has never been sicker. In fact, we NEVER really got sick before but all of us have been sick at least once, some of us twice this year. Crazy.


Danielle said...

Two things:

First, when we were little my sister once threw up at MacDonald's at the counter where you order. Yeah, it was gross.

Secondly, yes, when we lived in Tenn. we were sicker than when we lived up here. I do think it's the air, literally. I think it doesn't get cold enough to kill off some of the bacteria, etc. as it does in the north so you get sicker.

Mike, Torie and Boys said...

Oh I am so sorry. There is nothing worse then having your kid sick and not being home. I feel for you.
I hope he gets better soon and no one else gets sick.

Anonymous said...

I think it's funny that 2 people posted comments on kids puking, & nothing else. That is the last thing on my mind. After reading your stories, I got infuriated with you about the double parker!! I can't stand that!!

Anne, you & I have always had a connection. We've always got along so well & always clicked. Always on the same page, it seems! So this should come to no surprise that this would irritate you, as it does me. And that said, you will love what I am about to say.

This very situation drove me to invent a product to get revenge on those people, without causing major damage, but still inconveniencing them to the point you sleep better at night. You may even laugh yourself to sleep! I have since, out of a guilty conscience, ceased production, but that doesn't mean we can't all enjoy the stories!

This information has never been released to the public, until now. The product is called "revenge spikes". Model #s were RS1, RS2, & RS3. You place an RS under a tire. When they leave their double parking spot, they roll over the RS & they are designed to let all the air out of the tire before they even get out of the parking lot!! They were genius. They have been tested & used in the field & work VERY well! (Contact me if you'd like to purchase a set)

Bethany said...

Next time just walk out and leave the barf on the floor....just kidding. Seth threw up on our vacation too in the parking lot of a train station. HEE HEE. I left it but hey it was outside. Sorry for your bad day. Hope it gets better

Jennifer said...

Oh man! My girls have been sick too - but luckily the vomiting happened at home.

I had to laugh at the parking comments. I agree totally 100% with you and have OFTEN thought of accidentally bumping the Mercedes that has sideways parked. It drives me INSANE!

Hope your family gets better soon!

Anonymous said...

aww, poor guy!

I am knocking on wood as I speak, but we NEVER get sick either, it's really weird.

hope you guys are all ok.