Monday, November 24, 2008

Not me Monday.

Ah yes, Monday again.
Today it IS NOT rainy and gloomy outside...and I did NOT scale the shelves in our garage to get our Christmas decor down so I could keep busy this week.

I most certainly am NOT sick of being pregnant...these last few weeks are definitely my favorite.
I did NOT eat cookies for breakfast this morning...or all weekend long. Nope. Not ME!
Evan most certainly did NOT throw a towel in the toilet. I mean why would he be so interested in toilets? NOT him.

Maxwell did NOT spill his water all over his chair in church yesterday, and when I told him to go get Dad (who was sitting in the back because church was so full) to get him some napkins... he did NOT come back with a mint in his mouth and no napkins. I definitely DID NOT overreact then and take him out and glare at Justin on the way out the door because he was totally clued into what was going on. NOPE. NOT me.
I am NOT worried that this baby is slowly growing to the size of a small calf and afraid that I will be will be pregnant for 2 more weeks....or forever.


Domestically Disabled Girl said...

What a cute way to do yours. I Got a good laugh!

Cathy said...

Loved your post! Husbands are so clueless sometimes!

Kendra ;) said...

LOVE your Not Me's! I also "LOVED" the last few weeks of pregnancy! :)