Tuesday, November 25, 2008

38 weeksish.

This morning both BOYS slept in. Like SERIOUSLY slept in. Evan was up at 9:30, and I hear Maxwell coming down the stairs as I type. Kind of like the calm before the STORM to come.

Today I head in for an ultrasound and my 38ish week appointment. Once again I will head into the bathroom for the obligiatory pee in a a cup the size of a penny routine and hope some makes it in and then proceed to spend about ten minutes too long wiping the cup off for the nurse so it looks like I know how to pee perfectly in a cup. Then I'll do a cleanup of the entire bathroom because somehow I've managed to make a mess.
I will then step on the scale and see that yes indeedy(another made up word by me... well that's not entirely true, I'm pretty sure I've heard other people use it, but anway...you dig?) still a fatty pregnant lady, listen to his heartbeat, get measured, try to sit up on my own and roll around like a whale stranded on a beach trying to find it's way back to the ocean.

It's a good time people.
Except this appointment I get to have an ultrasound and find out how big this little monkey is.
It's not like I spend every waking moment complaining about how big I am, annoying my husband to DEATH..or maybe I am. I'm so not soaking up these last few weeks of pregnancy or the time I have with my 2 boys, or just being thankful that I really have had a EASY pregnancy compared to many I hear about.

In the meantime I'm ready to go, the hospital bag is packed, and I cannot WAIT to fill it with everything that isn't attached to hospital walls as Justin feels the need to bring it ALL home.
I don't know about you, but I'm most looking forward to the post- pregnancy underwear. My cousin lovingly sent me a picture of a pair last week...just to remind me of those lovely things. Thanks Sara. LOVE YOU.
Thanksgiving in 2 days?!


Katie said...

I had no idea that women had to wear different underwear after they give birth. I am really starting to understand why some people just can't do the whole baby thing...I would still love to have a baby someday, but I think for now ignorance is bliss!

Connie said...

I know the underwear is not very flattering, but comfy, they are. I wanted to bring some home!!!!LOL Troy thought we should pass!!!!! I know how you feel, I was unbearable in the last days of my 3rd, also. It will be over soon. Don't worry Justin, it will get better.

Jane said...

I WOULD like to inform you all that there was no such thing as that kind of underwear, even as late as ten years ago when I had my last!! You gals are LUCKY!! I won't tell you what the beached whales of the past had to wear!

BTW, you are SO funny, Anne! Love your last two posts.

Mike, Torie and Boys said...

Love the underwear. You seem to forget about them.That made me laugh.
With Jayce, Someone told me to run and eat something with Garlic, so I did and that night my water broke. Who Knows...Maybe It will help.
My doctor also told me that what go you into this mess, will help get you out :)--- Mike was with me and about died.He turned so red.
Hang in there.

Megan said...

oh anne. you kill me.

and can you believe- i had FOUR babies and EVERY time i went back in for another one, i FORGOT about the post-baby panties?! they were so hilarious! (and useful...but, seriously...)


Les said...

OMG that was too funny Anne. Now those undies are so comfy for the time and place-- I think I did take my extra pair home, haha.

Ashleigh said...

Hang in there, Anne! He'll be here before you know it.

Bethany said...

So funny. Won't be long