Thursday, November 06, 2008

more than you care to know about my weekend.

I'm not one to complain (yeah right)...but this BY FAR is the WORST pregnancy I've ever experienced.
I'm pretty sure my belly cannot get any bigger, and yet it probably will.
My back KILLS... and my hips...I didn't even know I had real hips,well now I do, they ache like no body's business...not that anyone wants to make it their business anyway.
I've been nothing short of an angel this week. Looking all cute when my husband comes home, greeting him with a smile, a kiss, and say; "take your shoes off and relax dear" kinda wife. So sweet of me, right?
Friday it all came to light when about 15 minutes before our friends Keith and Allison were supposed to arrive for our Chili/Season 1 of House bash, I was putting away some butter for the apple crisp I'd just finished putting together and CRASH! Glasses began pouring out of the cabinet in a seemingly slow motion and one by one crashed into the counter below. I swear it would've been perfect for a movie scene. Justin comes in and "kindly" asks what in the world happened. One of the pegs for the shelf came out and the shelf was off balance and when I placed the butter on it...and well you know. My apple crisp now had shards of glass in it, and there was glass everywhere. Allison texts that they were running late, so we had time for cleanup.

If you know Justin it sometimes takes him a lifetime to do a normal everyday task. It's like slow motion. I swear it takes him 15 minutes to pump gas.

Five minutes to prep for the gas pumping...put car into park, unbuckle seat belt, find wallet and extract credit card, slowly open door and get out.
Once out of the car another five minutes is spent opening the gas tank, swiping credit card, selecting gasoline of choice and ever so slowly inserting the pump into the tank and the gas pumping begins. Then he usually begins to inspect the car for possible defects or possible reasons to take a car in to get fixed.
The last five minutes are as the pump clicks off, he ever so carefully wiggles the pump to get every last drip out of the hose, puts the pump back, screws on the caps, retrieves his receipt, and gets back in the car to take an ETERNITY to put his credit card back, put on his seat belt, start the car and go.
Not that I'm complaining....I don't do that remember? I actually LOVE giving him a hard time about it...always makes us laugh.
I digress.
Back to the glass cleanup. Justin and I work on cleaning up, which takes him a half a year, I gotta give the guy the thorough award that's for sure. I went to work putting together another apple crisp and soon Keith and Allison arrived and while Justin army crawled around the kitchen I went to get the door. The evening ended up being a complete blast as we laughed the night away only getting through two episodes of House.
Saturday Justin went to a football game with Chad, and I decided in protest I'd rake the lawn. That would show him. I'm not sure what it would show him, but something.
Well, I learned that mostly it showed ME that I'm a moron. My body killed the rest of the day, and Justin mocked, yes, MOCKED my leaf piles. Excuse me but I had two (what I thought) rather large piles, and I filled our Lawn receptacle full.
When it comes down to it, I miss my husband. He's been working his tail off lately... working 10 hour days, and while he normally has Fridays off he hasn't in about a month, and a few weeks ago he worked Saturday too! Being an overly emotional pregnant woman doesn't help matters, but our time together has been pretty minimal and I'm growing anxious about having a needy newborn in the house soon.
my point:
I'm a meanie. I love you Just.


Just said...

I'm meaner. I'm sorry for being so inattentive lately. I love you too.

Allison said...

Pobrecita!! I was laughing at the hilarity of Justin army crawling on the floor for glass, but I'm so sorry that 1) you broke your glasses, 2) we didn't even get to eat your apple crisp!, and 3) that you subsequently had a horrible NEXT day!!! :(

Chad said...

awwhhhhhhh! there is too much love in this thread to leave something sarcastic....not really....isn't it funny how we think we are going to prove a point and no one even notices the deed we did to prove a point. glad you're showing J some love!

Zoe said...

Crack me up, you are so pregnant! I had more then a few "I'll show him" moments in my pregnancy. Sorry about the glasses. Baby will be here soon!!!

Megan said...

go buy yourself something. you'll feel better.

ok, i don't really mean that.

i hear you on the missing your husband thing! jim is gone for 12 1/2 hours every single day! if only you were closer, we could keep each other company!


Mike, Torie and Boys said...

Sorry you had a rough weekend.It is hard to be a wife and mother. Sometimes I feel like by the time Mike gets home and we have dinner-we are so tired and it's time for bed. I love the weekends, when he is home.

Just think only a few more weeks. I am guessing Nov 29. How does that sound?

Keith Walters said...

This post cracked me up! Thanks for having us over . . . Oh and you forgot to mention that not only was Justin army crawling but he was picking up glass shards with surgical forceps as he crawled!!! That was great to walk in on.