Tuesday, December 16, 2008

2 weeks.

It has been only two short weeks since you entered our world, but I couldn't imagine life without you. Your Daddy and I agree you have been our easiest baby. I'm especially thankful since Daddy isn't able to be around as much as he was with your older brothers as he has a real job now and was still in school when they were newborns.

You have been so wonderful at night so far. You are up usually around 3 or 4 am, but you nurse and go right back to sleep. Then you are usually up around 6am, nurse and sleep until 8 or 9. It is WONDERFUL. I couldn't be more pleased with how easy you have been. I remember your brother Maxwell loved keeping us up at night, he slept in the swing most nights because he had to be moving at all times. You wake up, give a little squawk to let us know you are awake and I get you and nurse you, and you are as happy as can be...and that pleases me so!

Your brothers are SO in love with you. They love checking you out and helping me out when you need something. Your oldest brother Maxwell absolutely loves when you are awake and he will come lay by you and talk to you...and you listen so intently.

Your awake times are increasing and so are your smiles. It melts my heart to see you smile, and you are so wide eyed and alert as you listen to your brothers goof off and wrestle. I know you cannot wait to join them.
I am so thankful to God that he has given me such a handsome, healthy baby.
I love you my little monkey.
So much.


dancebythelight said...

He's so sweet! What a wonderful Christmas gift this year!

Megan said...

he has such thoughtful eyes!


Alison said...

I'm so glad your little bundle is so easy--you deserve it!

Jane said...

He is changing so fast when I see the photos from birth until now. Can't wait to see him on Thursday!
Love, grandma jane and aunties julia, joelle, jaimee!!!

Bethany said...

So yummy. He is adorable. PS I don't think I ever told you I love his name

Sarah said...

beautiful...pictures and words

Kim said...

It is so great that things are going well for you and the boys. He seems like such a great baby. And he is so precious!! Happy two weeks!

Katie said...

what a precious, perfect boy!