Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Here we have it....

Welcome... to the luxurious master so the only thing that really rocks about our room is the master bath.
Yeah, I'm asking for your help. I should've taken better pictures, but I just quickly took some in the midst of laundry (that I gave a nice slap for you Megan) yesterday.

Sorry I didn't bother to spruce up...but you know I like keepin' it real around here.This is when you first walk in...we just got that wardrobe...our closet space stinks.Just to the right of the between that oddly placed rug (and totally wrong colors) and the wardrobe is our master bath.

come on in...but I warn you...this room needs help.

The wall of confusion. To the right you see a sweet chandelier that I had in my kitchen at one point. I want to hang it in that corner...getting to that.
To the left there is the closet. Don't go in there...ever. It ain't pretty. I'm not sure what I have goin' on in this corner of the room, but as you might be able to tell we are into the tan/white/blue theme. It just sorta happened.

Our case you didn't see that for yourself. I have a bed stand on my side of the bed.

Looks lame. Also, in the winter we have a white down quilt we use on the bed...hence the blue pillows you saw in the wall of confusion.
So, help me. I think I like the direction (and definitely the colors) our room is going, but it just needs a little organization and those finishing touches. Ideas much appreciated.


Connie said...

Love the colors, they are similar to our bedroom, and I may copy the saying above your bed idea. Hope you don't mind. Is it painted on the wall or is it something you buy? If so where did you find it. Seems I may have seen it somewhere before, but I can't remember.

Anonymous said...

Lowes has a free magazine that we get in the mail called Creative Ideas. It has a great master bedroom makeover in it as well as a master closet this month. If you go online most of the projects have free how to videos on their website.

Bethany said...

Can I say I am jealous you can have those shelves and lights above your in earthquake country we only hang really light things above the bed.....thus I still have nothing. I am planning canvas prints.

I like the colors and everything. I think you have a lot of blank wall space besides the bed. I like BIG art I think it actually makes spaces look bigger. Or you can do several little pieces grouped together to make one big statement.

Course I am one to talk. Every time I move I say I am going to do our bedroom first and it always ends up last. At this point my room is sooooo small it is pretty much a bed and dresser and a tiny tiny bit of wiggle room. HEE HEE.

Can you do a built in for your tv? What about turning the wardrobe on a curve in the corner?

Fun fun

Anonymous said...

Love the colors and the words above your bed. I too, want to know where you got them. Are they custom? I want to do some custom wording in our house, but not stencil, because I'm not precise enough. I've love to do vinyl, but it tends to be pricey!

I agree with Bethany, can you put the wardrobe in the corner and put something cool on top? Another thing is the clock looks a bit odd where it's placed on the wall. Can't tell for sure, as I can't see the whole wall. The red ruggy thing on the floor doesn't seem to go. We got an awesome corner stand for our TV from Just Cabinets. I don't think you have any around you, but shipping it might be pricey.

You know, Bethany, Beth, you, and me all have blue bedrooms or some sort. Funny.

Our bedroom is almost done! Just waiting for a custom mat to come in to frame our wedding picture to hang, then I'll be posting pictures!

anne said...

Ooooh....thanks ladies. So far I'm liking the ideas. I'm working on an idea for the TV, I'll show you what I did in my living room when I get around to taking a picture since we couldn't afford a nice entertainment center.
Bethany, I like the idea of putting the wardrobe at an angle, we are going to have to do something about it.The bigger artwork idea is a good idea too.
The rug is definately NOT staying where it is...I just threw it there one day and it hasn't been moved.
Also, the clock...not sure. It looks better than the picture shows, but I'm wondering if there is a better place for it.
Thanks loving the imput so far

anne said...

oh and ps- the wall decals are from where else...Target.
I got them on clearance for like $9 but I think they are normally only about $20. Someone had returned them and there was nothing wrong with it.

Megan said...

jim is kicking me off the computer, so I'LL BE BACK.


Anonymous said...

Anne, I think your bedding is beautiful, I love the words on the wall above the bed (we are doing the same thing soon, ha ha!) and I love the colors.

My opinion is that a clock does not belong on a wall in a bedroom. I see what you are saying in that it probably seems to go just fine, but clocks really belong in more "den" type of areas.

A larger piece of wall art or pictures is a great idea. Also, I would group your smaller things together to make a picture collage of sorts rather than having little things hung up on the wall. I don't know where I heard it, but you aren't supposed to hang small picture frames anywhere. They are supposed to be on table top. If you have small pictures that you want up on the wall, the best way to go is to buy a larger frame with matting, or buy one of those collage frames. You are great at grouping things together, though as I've seen from your other rooms that you have done (jealous :-) )

I agree about putting the wardrobe at an angle in a corner or something. I actually would put the wardrobe where the tv is currently. The television would look best on something different because the table it's sitting on is the exact same size of the tv. But who am I to talk? We have this ginormous tv sitting on Chad's dresser. It's hideous. So is the one in our living room and in our basement. Can you tell I hate televisions??!!!

The blue wall art above the cabinet is not centered. Have you thought about putting that art together hanging somewhere else?

I wish I could come over and move things around! Truly, I can't contain myself. You have awesome stuff to work with, it just needs to be adjusted a little. But if you saw my Master Bedroom right now, you'd beg me to quit giving you advice and ask me to go give it some help. Ha ha.

Lovin' the pillows, the hamper, the ottoman; etc.

Have you thought about putting that leather ottoman with the pillow on top of it at the foot of your bed, or is there no space for that?

Less is more in my opinion esp when it comes to bedrooms. I think your frustration is because you have a lot of small pieces to work with. I think if you figured out how to make it flow by grouping small pieces together and getting rid of whatever is not necessary in the bedroom it would work. The cool thing is that you have great bedding, art, paint colors and key pieces to work with. The little things just need help. Good luck! I may do the same thing that you did and ask for help.

Ashleigh said...

Love the colors! Our bedroom is brown too. Although it's also home to a baby crib, rocker, and exercise equipment right now. :-)

I think a big thing in your room is just simplifying furniture and staging. By the way, I also love the words above your bed!

Kimba said...

Hi Anne! Thanks for stopping by. Love your blog!

Let's see...your master bedroom. It looks like you're off to a great start. The wall color looks beautiful. Very warm and welcoming. It makes the white trim and doors pop.

Your bedding is very pretty too. Personally, I would probably try to incorporate some more color to the space. I think some red pillows would look great with your bedding. I love lots of pillows on the bed. Although it makes my hubby nuts. ;-)

I can't there a headboard behind the bed? I think something with more visual weight would make that area look great. I would look for something tall that would go to right under the shelves that you have there

Go look at this old post of mine. You can use simple trim pieces on the wall to create something that looks really custom but is oh-so cheap. You could do that behind the bed under the shelves.

I've also seen people take old doors and turn them on their side then attach it to the wall as a headboard. Like this one.

Enough of my ramblings. Have fun!