Friday, August 08, 2008


2 whole years today. You are not, and haven't been a baby for awhile. Ever since you could crawl you've been trying to do things that just were too big for your britches. You are eager to do everything your older brother does. I just hope your as eager to use the potty this fall as we try potty training. :)
You have been such a joy to us. You are completely opposite of your older brother, which leads me to wonder what in the world your younger brother will be like. You're going to be the middle child! You can
handle it though, because you are a tough little guy!

One of my most favorite things you do is cuddle. You are
such a cuddler, and everytime you see me sitting you come
snuggle up next to me, stroke my arm, and lay on me. It's
just precious.
You are so bold. You do the craziest things so it's really no suprise that you ripped your chin open (which required 5 stitches) and after they were removed and the wound pretty much healed, you opened it up again. You are so tough about it though. Hardly any crying and you love showing people your battle scar.
"See, chin...see." As you point to it with your chubby little finger, and your face is serious and then soon followed by a huge smile after someone acknowledges your wound.
You are so stinkin' cute, with your great laugh and your ability to brighten my day just be doing some crazy dance. You are so sweet when you wake up in the morning. Calling "Mama" from your crib, waiting with your blankie in hand for me to come and get you. A lot of times you'll ask where Daddy is too. I always tell you he's at work, and you accept it. You are usually always up before Max, and you and I usually start your morning cuddling for a bit on the couch before I get you breakfast. It's a sweet time.
It's hard for me to believe that you are already two. You are officially a toddler and in full swing. You love the outdoors, going to the pool, playing in the sandbox, or just exploring the backyard with Max. It is so fun to watch you two march around the yard with sticks. You two have started taking these dump trucks we have and have been taking the dumper off and roll down the hill with them crashing into the fence. You two can do it over, and over, and over, giggling with one another the whole time.
For the most part you two get along so well, and I love that. I look forward to watching the friendship between you two and your soon to be younger brother grow. You and Max do get into it though...about once a day someone does something to push the others' buttons and soon you two are at it grabbing one anothers shoulders and wresting each other down to the ground. You guys are so crazy!

I love your big brown eyes. I love watching them light up with exitement or joy. You have the most ridiculous hair. When you wake up it is sticking up in the back all over, and it just looks so cute. It is so stick straight.
You are such a joy too us!
Happy Birthday sweet boy. I love you.


Megan said...

ohh, he looks like a cuddler. i love it! his poor chin! i didn't know he opened it again! they do love to show those boo boos off, though, don't they!


Anonymous said...

He is stinkin' cute! I can't believe it's been 2 years already! Happy Birthday Evan!

Ashleigh said...

Happy Birthday, Evan!

Kim said...

Happy Birthday, Evan!!

My sister's bday is today too:)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday sweet Evan. We love you!! Grandma and Grandpa

Sarah said...

I didn't realize he had the same birthday as my brother. That's neat. And this year it sounds cool: eight eight oh eight! Yeah, it doesn't take much for me. Ha.

Happy Birthday, Evan!!!