Friday, August 01, 2008

random bits.

Well it's Friday again. And, it's August! Can you believe it. This Sunday happens to be my birthday of which I may or may not turn 28. Another year closer to the big 3-0.
Tonight we are headed out for a cookout with a few people that Justin works with. Tomorrow we will hit up the Farmer's Market and who knows what else.
Sundays are always busy, we may go out for lunch or something.
One of these weekends, (since I've been talking about going all summer) we will get to IKEA for a few items we need...not to be confused with want. That's why I bring Justin. Keep 'er focused. I tend to get distracted like a lose dog at a dog bone emporium. I know, it's sad.
Anyway, next week we will be finding out the sex of this little (well most likely big) one growing inside me. I'm so anxious and nervous about the whole thing, but so excited. I'm not so much looking forward to the scale portion of the visit but I'll get over it. I hope.
This month is also both our boys birthdays. Were keeping it simple, Max wants a helmet, Evan wants anything that makes noise...oh boy. We also will be making a trek up to Wisconsin for a visit with family and friends! Can't wait for that. Our friends Chad & Nicole are expecting their first child any day now and we are so pumped to be able to meet him/her so soon after arriving!
Have a great weekend all!


Lauren W said...

Happy (early) Birthday! I hope that it's fabulous.
I too share a somewhat sick love of IKEA. My hubby's lucky that we don't have one anywhere close to us :)
Anyway, enjoy your birthday weekend and all those adventures coming up for you soon!

Megan said...

ooo, you have SO MANY august bdays! i can't wait for next week!! whoo hoo! and, i'm so excited for your ikea trip! get a FEW wants, ok??


Katie said...

Wow- busy week! I can't wait to hear the sex!

Nicole K. said...

Yeah for Ikea. I cannot wait to hear the sex either!

zz said...

Happy Birthday, young 'un!

I predict another boy, but have no reason whatsoever to think so. Can't wait to hear either way!

Connie said...

Happy Birthday, Anne. Enjoy your day.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to you!