Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Oh I know you have all been waiting with bated breath to hear how the new system is going.

First of all is Liam's bum not the cutest little thing? I mean look at that green bum!!! I digress.

Here is the new system:

I'm using g-diapers.

First of all, I bought a starter kit which came with 2 g-pants (cloth) and flush-able inserts for $25. (I also had a $5 coupon and free shipping). It is a good way to start off and see if you even like the system, because if you don't it's not like you wasted tons of moola on it.

The g-pant has a snap-in liner which you place the flush-able in. Now here is where I'm saving the green (while being green)... when at home, I'm using cloth inserts. I found cloth inserts to fit the g-diapers and so when Liam needs a change at home I use the cloth inserts and clean the soiled one right away. No stinky buckets!

For trips outside of the house, I bring the flush-able liners, which are also biodegradable if you throw them away which I do if I'm somewhere and the toilet system looks a bit iffy.

I've signed up to recieve a case of the flush-ables every three months which should be enough for my needs. The cost of the case(128 flushables) where I ordered it from is $48. and free shipping. So roughly, $16.00 a month for my diapering system.

So far, so good. Everything is going on how I planned it. GOLDEN! I've learned how to use the g's so that we have no leaks, and the cloth/flush-able system is working well for me thus far. We are taking a trip next weekend, so I will see how it works while traveling.

Never say Never. How true is that little phrase?

So true for me. I NEVER thought I would do anything but disposables, I didn't think I could commit to anything else and lets face it, I'm just plain lazy a lot of the time.
So, even though I say I will NEVER be pregnant again, I suppose I should never say never...

but NO.

I'm not pregnant.

Sheesh...a little too fresh in my mind still people! I'm not that crazy!


Sarah said...

I babysit for a family who uses cloth diapers and they tend to smell awful, to the point I think I gagged once. They are into natural and organics and I think she makes some sort of homemade laundry detergent (even their clean clothes never have that laundry scent I love). So, do cloth diapers tend to smell really bad or is it because of what they wash them in?

I really would love to use cloth diapers (or at least at home...maybe disposables on the go) when I'm, Lord willing, a mom. I'm not turned off by the extra work of washing them, but the smell is something that bothered me so much and I want to know if that's normal.

Anonymous said...

I haven't heard of this brand, but it sounds really cool. I love that you can start with the starter kit instead of investing a ton into it!

Melody said...

Okay, so I do love the green bum! Honestly, that's one of my favorite things about the CD world -- the girls' diapers aren't just plain old boring white anymore (with some dumb animals on the front), but their bottoms are raspberry, lavender, zinnia, clementine, grasshopper, twilight, yellow ... I mean, who doesn't love variety on their bums?

Glad the system is working for you! Now, who can we convert next?

Ashleigh said...

Fun, Anne! Love the color. I don't think I'm ready for cloth diapers. At least not at this point ... although I do admit I mentioned to Ted we might be able to save some money using them.

Coasting Anon said...

Yay! So good to read a positive review since this is the direction we are heading...