Monday, March 02, 2009

“Hi, Billy Mays here!”

Oh you know him.
The Blue shirt, the very distinguished and distinctive beard, and that shout at you approach to promote products guy.
Here are a few of the products Billy has endorsed:
Oxi clean, Orange Glo, Kaboom, Engrave it, Handy Switch, i Can, Fix it, Bloomin' Onion maker, Easy off Bam!, Mighty Mend -It, Mighty Puddy, Mighty Shine, Gem it, Gator Grip, CLR, Lint B-Gone, Hercules Hook, Awesome Auger, Steam Buddy, ZOrbeez, Big City Slider Station, The Ding King, Be Dazzler, Zip wrench, Spacesaver, Steam Buddy, What Odor?...and there are more!

Here is the thing.
Can he really be THAT excited about ALL these products?
Apparently, Billy can.
But Billy better watch out.
There is a new guy on the scene, and he is just as excited as Billy.
If not more.
He goes by the name of Vince Offer.
Sham-wow guy.
Honestly Billy, I think Vince is really a one-hit wonder.
I mean who spends $20 a month on paper towels anyway? And those buggy eyes, yikes!
ShamWow is just a cheap knock-off of the original, Billy endorsed, Zorbeez. Apparently, Vince can't find an original product of his own to sell, therefore reducing him to selling cheap Chinese knock-off's (oh, how could I forget, ShamWow is made in Germany) of Billy's originals.
Watch out though Billy he has some crazy tactics, taking infomercials to new levels. But you are still DA man.
Who da man? You da man!
But Billy remember, you cannot do this forever,
so Vince is standing by to take your order.
I mean job.


Kim said...

HAHA!! That new guy weirds me out all kinds of ways. Ug.

Last night he was promoting a slap chop, I think that is what he called it, another knock off. He's just so weird.

You are one funny girl Anne, I love it!

Chad said...

the sickness has pushed you over the edge, you really need to get out of the house soon...Target misses you!

Kelly said...

*giggle* Pete and I have a running joke about the ShamWOW guy... :-P

Bethany said...

crazy girl

Les said...

Anne- I found Liam's new shoes... check my post :)

Dad said...

I don't get this but I want to buy something and I want to yell while I'm doing it !

Organic Meatbag said...

Billy Mays would make mince meat of Vince...and then he would roll the meat up and smoke him...

StephenandCameron said...

haha...Stephen was just talking about this the other day. He thinks it would be funny if the infomercial world would set up a match between these two guys...the competition would be CRAZY!