Monday, October 31, 2005

Trick or Treat

Maxwell looked so cute in this puppy costume, but he was not that fond of it. He did not like the hood. But he stayed in it long enough to get some good pics and show it off. He loves pups, his first word, and everytime we see one he gets so excited. Justin wants to get him one, but I do not think I am ready for that responsibility yet.
He is talking more than ever nowdays saying; baby, pease or peeps (please), hi, bye, and the funniest thing is whenever he hears a phone ring he puts his hand by his ear and says hi. So funny. The joys of children!


loren said...

Hi Anne,

How cute!

I used to have a couple of puppies once, but they ran away. Doggone.


Heidi said...

Anne, he looks so adorable!! He is such a handsome boy!

Jenni said...

He looks so cute! Jack was a pumpkin and Lily was a princess. Miss you, hope to see you soon!
love Jen

Anonymous said...

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