Monday, October 29, 2007


I don't know about you, but we find it hard to believe it is almost Thanksgiving. We are looking forward to our time back in Wisconsin with friends and family.
The last few months have been a whirlwind, we finally found a church home in August, and we are loving getting involved there. A place where Christ is the proirity, where the word is taught as we cultivate health and holinesss as a church body, and we have already made some amazing friends. We are so thankful for Providence and for Gods work in leading us there.
Justin is enjoying his job, and he always has a good story to share from his day at work. He has Fridays off which is so nice so we have a long weekend together as a family. About a month ago he actually got a raise, so he is obviously doing a great job. I am thankful for his hard work in providing for our family, and that I am able to be at home with the boys. I was reading the advice column in the paper this morning where a girl was asking about her friends who were about to get married and the wife made like three times as much as the man and how should they spilt their money. I guess I always assumed that it would all go to one pot and together decisions together would be made how to spend the money once the bills were paid. She mentioned that if they split the bills 50/50 he would have hardly any money leftover. The whole thing seemed like unessesary conflict and the advice columnist actually gave pretty good advice saying perhaps they should postphone the wedding and step back and realize that they may want the security of marriage but without the sacrifice, trust or commitment. Interesting.
Anyway, makes me all the more glad I can stay home. I digress.
Maxwell is such a little boy now. No longer a baby. He talks in full sentences, understands what I am saying most of the time, and is a great big brother. He is very good with Evan and they play very well together....for the most part. There are times when Max gets very frustrated with Evan and he grunts at him but he is very good (again for the most part) with not hitting him or pushing him down. They wrestle and one of my favortie things is when Max makes a funny noise and it makes Evan laugh and laugh. Max continues and they go on and on in laughter. It is the best when we are in the car.
Speaking of Evan he is in the midst of a nasty little cold, but being the trooper he is, he is handling it quite well. He doesn't let it slow him down one bit. He is so funny, he wants so, so badly to be just like Max. He knows how to irritate Max, he will grab a car and take of running as Max is playing with them on our fireplace. Max chases him and Evan loves it. When Max takes the car back Evan whines like he wants me to yell at Max but then goes back and does it again. It is cute, but eventually usually needs my intervention so there is not a brother brawl.
It is fun having two boys just two years apart, and they are so very different in their personalities but love each other so much.
I have been busy with stuff. You know the usual household stuff, being the Neighborhood treasurer, getting involved with a few different ministries at church.
So there you have it. A short little nutshell of what we have been up to the past few months.
Hope you are all well too.


Mike, Torie and Boys said...

I can't believe Thanksgiving is right around the corner. I love this time of the year. There is so much to be grateful for.
I am sorry to confuse you on my blog. I didn't just have a baby. I didn't make it very clear for those who don't know us- sorry. It was Mikes brother that just had the baby. I would take her. She is so cutie and someday maybe I will have a little girl. :)
You were probably thinking I was crazy to have a 11 month old and a brand new baby. Sorry.

Danielle said...

Congrads to Justin on the raise and that's great you all have Fridays together.

Josh got a raise at the beginning of Oct. and it's been such a blessing, coming at the perfect time!

Beth Young said...

Glad to hear about the updates!!!!

Ashleigh said...

Anne, that's wonderful about the raise and that Justin gets Fridays off! Long weekends ... all the time. Sounds great! :-)