Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas tour of homes 2009 {a little late}

WELCOME. Sorry my pitcures aren't very good, I was lazy and used my small camera and didn't bother touching them up at all.
decor2009 021
on the fridge...
decor2.0 053
ok...this was so great...not a great picture but SO funny that Evan was laughing his head off as I was coming down the stairs.
decor2009 025
stairwell...and my copied Pottery Barn art...I did a horrific job, but it took awhile.
decor2.0 016
oops...blurry photo tree...I LOVE getting Christmas cards.
decor2.0 015
living room...
decor2.0 014
our ugly fireplace...trying to dress it up :)
decor2.0 003

decor2.0 004
the nativity was given to me by my Grandparents who passed away years ago, but it is something I really treasure.
decor2.0 020
another nativity we got as a wedding gift {great gift!} and some fun little cardboard houses with trees{?} well, I tried :)
decor2.0 011
close up of my little town.
decor2.0 010
stockings hung with care. {not on the actual stocking holders as we know with three young boys one is bound to yank a stocking a have a letter come crashing on them!}
decor2.0 013
liamhat 057
Our tree {bad picture sorry}...Oh, and look at this package that arrived...three little boys.
decor2.0 039
decor2.0 043


Our Family said...

What beautiful decorations! I really like the "ladder shelf" in the living room! I am sure that is a great place to decorate for each holiday!

PS The pic of your boys is priceless!

Megan said...

love it! that is a GREAT idea with not actually putting the stockings on the holders! i have those same ones, and they are really heavy, and that could TOTALLY happen!! (we don't even use ours- but i do have that same one!! :) )


Danielle said...

Your house looks great!

Anonymous said...

I love you package! What happened to the little one? Love Mom

Alison said...

Cute house! And your boys are so adorable. You can just pack up that box with them in it and send them to me!

Katie said...

What a cute house you have. I love the pottery barn knock off. I have been eyeing that painting for a long time and I may have to do what you did.

Anonymous said...

Your house is so cute! The mantle and the tree are my favorites (and of course the large package of children :-) ). Thanks for sharing your home - enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Bethany said...

Your house looked lovely.

Katie said...

I love your mantle!