Wednesday, June 09, 2010

water wednesday.

water is good.
has many uses.

There are quite a few clean water charities out there. One of my favs:

"Almost a billion people on the planet don’t have access to clean drinking water. Unsafe water and a lack of basic sanitation cause 80% of all disease and kill more people than all forms of violence, including war. "-{taken from}

Anyway, turning 30 this year has gotten me thinking. About water? Well, yes water, but a lot of things.

I've mentioned before that while staying at home with our boys isn't something I would trade for any job, that feeling of "I don't DO anything" creeps in now and again.

I can try and fulfill my need to "do"something "be" somebody, but that is living for this life, which is temporary. Instead I am increasingly seeing my need to live better for Christ. Show his love, kindness, live my life for him.

Be as excited to read his word as I am to go on a family vacation.

Be as willing to love as Christ loved me, with ALL my faults.

Be always willing to serve no matter how uncomfortable it can make me feel.

To change.

Change is good.

Back to water though. That little rant kind of came out of nowhere, but it's been on my mind and heart.

Simply this: water Wednesdays. Not sure what this will all entail, but the idea is {sort of} there.

It mostly came from an afternoon at Fresh Market and the many different kinds of water they had. While we quit buying bottled water a couple of years ago, I gotta give props to some of these companies for the designs they have come out with to sell you bottled water. It is a bit ridiculous when you think about it.

FRED water.

If you drink bottled water, and want to quit, I have two simple solutions.

1. buy refillable jugs and go to your local grocery store to refill weekly.

2. buy a Brita filter and filter your own tap water at home. The filters last a long time, and work really great.

3. Buy a NICE reusable water bottle.

two I really love:



30 is going to be good.
More soon.



Bethany said...

Friends of ours do wells in the middle east. I will have to get your their info.

What a great site on water. I know how you feel wanting to do something. I feel that way a lot too and feel limited but there are things we SAH mommies can do.


Anonymous said...

If you drink bottled water and want to quit I would also commend this picture:
and this website:

I totaly freaked the first time I saw pics of the five gyres

Josh said...

Funny you talk about this. I have been a big advocate for not buying bottles of water for a long time. Steph still likes to, even though I discourage it. We used to buy the big jugs with the built in spout. But we recently tried to buy a water jug filter for the fridge, but when we got home, the filter had been stolen. So we brought it back to Target to exchange it, the remaining 2 had ALSO been stolen! So we are still water filter-less.

But yeah, I have a Nalgene bottle I use during the hot summer days. We've talked about getting those refillable jugs too. I'm all about it!

Happy non-bottled watering!

MamaFuzz said...

Hi Anne ~ Love your thoughts!

Here's another great site about water -