Monday, July 12, 2010

last weekend.

This past weekend, we took a little weekend trip to Cincinnati. We went to 4 places in 2 days. It was madness, but a blast.
The best of the madness however,by far, was the last minute decision we made to attend the 2010 MONSTER TRUCK JAM Saturday night.
Evan enjoying the JAM.
I left my nice CANON at home so all I had was my little sony point and shoot, but it got the job done, for some good memories.
tickets. WOOT

the arena.

WOW. Liam.
Liam made this face A LOT during the show.
A great family memory, not to be forgotten anytime soon :)

the fam @ Monster Jam 2010


Ashleigh said...

Anne, I think it's so fun that you and Justin are making these memories with your boys!

Danielle said...

How fun! Our local fair has something like this too and we want to take the boys this year (we happened to go on the night they had it last year) but will bring ear plugs!! :)

My McDonald Meal said...

What a hoot! I just finished spending 10 days with my nephews and have to say I have a new appreciation for moms of boys. :) I say that with lots of love since I know you all would think the same about us girly moms. Hope you are having a nice summer. Take care- Melissa

Katie said...

Fun!! I've been saying I want to take the boys (namely, Jack) to do this sometime!

Bethany said...

Love this. We want to do this with our boys. Did take them to see Grave Digger up close once when we were in NC but have yet to do the Monster Truck deal. I bet they were in awe. HEE HEE